Innovationbed Data and Digital Services Job Export Center, Nigeria

Our Process:

What we offer
Post Incubation, we offer startups an opportunity to introduce themselves, promote their products and services, share their “Wants” to be seen by potential investors and our initiative networks for any kind of strategic partnerships.

-You MUST own or in process of incorporating a Micro-startup on the Innovationbed Africa Ecosystem to register!!!

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We are happy to announce our partnership between Innovationbed Africa and Talent Nations – to bring a newly launched Innovationbed Data and Digital Service Export Center to Nigeria – A platform for skilled Nigerians who can now export their digital innovation prowess internationally without migrating and earn foreign exchange living in the country.

Innovationbed is growing the development of its digital ecosystem by venturing into more Micro-Startups creation in different regions of the country, while bringing home foreign jobs to engage them without necessarily having to migrate to the UK, US, and just any different regions away from their fatherland. Our mission is to totally build a non-existent fashion of new entrepreneurs with high integrity and ventures by innovating the ecosystem in terms of problem identification, solution administration using state-of-the-art technologies, and converting solved challenges into opportunities administered for young people, to use the new materials, education, and general innovation resources to grow a prosperous economy for mankind.

Why join the Innovationbed Africa Community?

  • Gain visibility to the Innovationbed Africa community, its investors and partners worldwide.
  • Promote your ventures through your company and/or personal profile.
  • Grow and find solutions by sharing your Haves and Wants and find the right partners.
  • Create opportunities and articulate open innovation challenges.
  • Browse our growing world of opportunities and get inspired.
  • Learn about grants, competitions and other awards.
  • Join our vibrant and growing community.

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