10th year anniversary as national expert @WSA (Nigeria)

Within a few days that the social media received a banner announcing my 10th anniversary as a proud, passionate volunteer at the United Nations based World Summit Awards for Nigeria, I got so much love as expressed in the linked text, if you can follow for a minute.

For me it has been a remarkable journey of self fulfillment as it has made me do what my heart desires the best – social engagement of young people on social innovation development research pilots #Innovationbed.Africa, as well as granting me enough time to excel in both my primary assignments as a self-challenged entrepreneur with all the attributes associated with founders of African regions, and the family.

How has Nigeria performed in 10 years of stewardship?

Generally Africa needs to improve on the participation and in size of quality product submission at the global competition. Global diameter of innovation has Africa doing so poorly at about 6%, when Europe alone does 45%. – It is my aspiration to complement the promotion of continental collaborations among experts to improve Africa’s share of the global innovation pie in future. Nigeria’s performance will be better visible when the larger Africa has done very well on the WSA platform to increase the pie. Below is our winner products in last decade.

As a way to commemorate the 10th anniversary, my foundation is organizing sets of virtual Campus Innovation Seminars for undergraduates of many universities, colleges of education and polytechnics in each state of the federation including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Within the year 2021, we hope to have impacted like 10,000 students virtually from their various institutions and communities.
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The maiden edition is to start with Kano state institutions by June 29th, 2021:

What is the numbers in terms of participating countries, age of award system, number of innovative solutions submitted, number of events, network member count and global opportunities of WSA?

This is Emmanuel Amos, entrepreneur and author for Africa’s pioneer stock market value-chain e-business solution CloudIntegraTM Bond/Equity Software and CiFixProTM, and Founder, Innovationbed.Africa – currently the composite initiative post pandemic that ties the strategic visions of Programos Foundation, Technology Partnership Initiative for Africa (TechPia) Network and Programos Software Group together ahead of future realities of digital enterprise developments in Africa.

At one of the largest constellations of national experts in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. I remain appreciative of the big family of knowledge network of experts from around the globe.
Impact2gether – a world of innovation democracy.

Apply now: https://wsa-global.org/wsa-young-innovators/


Apply now: https://db.icnm.net/Signup/WSA/2021/Nigeria/

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WSA (NIGERIA) 2021 competition is ON in Education/e-Learning Category:

Correcting the mess we find in the education sector in real terms will take real innovations of high social impact today.
Amos Emmanuel, WSA Nigeria.

Who build innovations?

The Nigeria system and numerous African citizens now know what corrections to offer to the battered educational sector for sake of our upcoming generations.

Sound positive innovations in education are still being scouted by Programos Foundation from all the 36 states of the federation and Abuja for application Nigeria using link below into the WSA 2021 global competition which ongoing. Deadline for Nigeria is August 10th, 2021. https://innovationbed.org/register-innovation/

And National pre-selection exercise kicks off immediately to determine Nigeria’s National Nominees to be nominated into the global database of WSA to represent Nigeria as the best Education innovation of the moment.




World Summit Awards: Meet Nigerian winners and their solutions in 2019

The 2019 World Summit Awards has come and gone, Mr. Amos Emmanuel, WSA Eminent National Expert for Nigeria presents to you the national nominees from Nigeria, winners of awards and their solutions.
In 2019, numerous innovative people in Nigeria, using digital solutions to take action on local issues applied for the global UN World Summit Awards competition on local innovation with high impact on society.

Combining an ongoing series of international events, activities and research with a global network of partners, experts, social entrepreneurs, digital policy think thanks and major collaborations, Programos’ Innovationbed. Africa initiative leverages the World Summit Awards under its intervention #3 as an international platform for ICTs Entrepreneurship with impact on society – showcasing best practices worldwide: Here are the WSA 2018 nominations sorted by regions!
The WSA Eminent National Expert for Nigeria Mr. Emmanuel Amos, President, Programos Foundation shared results with the press, expressing that some applicants and their products have emerged winners in their respective innovation categories having evoked state-of-the-art changes in their communities by producing best local content innovations impacting our society positively after Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs and deserving global and local recognitions.
United Nations World Summit Awards Local Chapter in Nigeria on a yearly basis provides a unique global selection of how digital applications provide solutions to solve local issues.
WSANigeria now operated as the Tech-Awards & Jury module (aka intervention #3 of the InnovationBed.Africa tech ecosystem development initiative of Programos Foundation), is charged with the responsibility to identifying the best Nigerian Digital Innovations with positive impact on society and recommending them to the international stage of the World Summit Awards Global Contest. Through this annual process Nigeria has had impressive participation at the global awards with indigenous entrepreneurs leaving indelible marks on the world innovation map to date.
Who are WSA-Nigeria National Nominees 2019?

In the GOVERNMENT AND CITIZEN ENGAGEMENT – A product titled Tax Administration And Processing System (TAAPS) by a female innovator  Irene Mmam of Telnet. The have successfully driven digital transformation efforts that improved business outcomes with the many projects and companies.
Tax Administration And Processing System

TAAPS features include:
– Elimination of business silos, allowing the department to view all taxpayer activity across tax types- Ability to perform online updates to taxpayer attributes
– Ability to enforce pre-determined business rules for tax registration
– Provides audit trail of changes made to the system
– Ability to process returns and related forms for each applicable tax type, as follows:
• Withholding Tax
• Value Added Tax
• Capital Gains Tax
• Pay as you Earn
• Road Taxes etc.
– Ability to view all returns processed for a particular taxpayer by taxpayer (TIN), period or tax type
– Ability to configure rules and detect compliance
JTB Unique TIN Project
The National Taxpayer Identification Number (T.I.N.) Project is an initiative of the Joint Tax Board (JTB) in collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Governments of all 36 States including the Federal Capital Territory.

Telnet in collaboration with its partners was able to deliver a fully integrated taxpayer identification system which supports online and offline biometrics registration of taxpayers and issuance of Smart Card/ Identification Card to taxpayers. The objective was for every taxpayer in the country to be able to obtain a one-time harmonised tax number that identifies them and with which they will pay their taxes.
Telnet and its partner are deploying an Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS) to assist Nigeria’s Federal Inland Revenue Service to enhance revenue collection by automating the administration, payment, and refund processes.
JFIRS – Project FACT
Project FACT stands for Friendly Accurate Complete Timely. Through this project, we helped the federal government automate systems for taxpayer registration, tax collection and remittance, all to improve tax compliance. Project FACT also eliminated errors and delays in payment processing, information, and helped increase revenue.
NIBSS – Cheques Clearing Project
Telnet was a key member of the consortium that developed and implemented the Cheques Clearing Initiative. This improved the speed of cheque clearing and processing nationwide. The initiative resulted in the reduction in the number of clearing days from between T+7 days and T+21 days to T+2 days nationwide.
Telnet through SoftWorks is a SWIFT Ready Service Partner for the region. As SWIFT Service Ready partners, we deliver all onsite technical services with SWIFT Certified Experts. We provide on-boarding assistance for institutions who would wish to participate in SWIFT. We also provide technical assistance for implementing network and messaging interface solution.
Nigeria Customs Service Integration
We integrated the FIRS Collection Systems with the Nigeria Customs Services for the automation of VAT on imports collection, remittance and reporting.
CAC Integration
We automated the company registration process and oversaw the issuance of RC Numbers by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to include the issuance of Tax Identification Number (T.I.N) issued by Federal Inland Revenue Service (F.I.R.S) on the CAC registration certificate.
Project EAGLE
Provision of the security and network management infrastructure for Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) managed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
Nigeria LNG
Design and implementation of an explosion-proof camera system for gas plant surveillance application.
Shell Petroleum Development Company Of Nigeria
Implementation of a nationwide CCTV system and access control system including automatic revolving doors and biometric systems.
Dare Odumade of Chekkit Technologies LLC .

Chekkit Technologies LLC, based in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, was founded in 2018 by Mr. Dare Odumade, Ms. Jida Asare, Mr. Tosin Adelowo and
Mr. Adebola Oyenuga. The company is specialized in developing secured software for food, beverage and drug distribution tracking & consumer intelligence through anti-counterfeiting services which makes physical products smart and traceable across supply chain both offline and online and employs 6 staff members. The fast-forward thinking concept of the company has identified the potential to grow and lead the connected products economy and industry 4.0 in Africa.
FMCG and pharmaceutical producers lack efficient data aggregation processes for accurate market demand prediction, which leads to >30% revenue losses and entrance of counterfeits.
The Entrance of counterfeits doesnt just cause losses to businesses but is responsible for deaths of millions of consumers in developing economies – in Africa and Asia – yearly.
Chekkit solves this through a blockchain secured tracking system leveraging USSD, barcode and anti-counterfeit QR scan technology to automate data collection, address inventory/assets status tracking, consumer intelligence and provide end-to-end distribution transparency.
We offer our solutions via two (2) platforms –
1. Consumer Intelligence platform – for product authentication, anti-counterfeiting and last mile market insights
2. Supply Chain Platform – for product distribution chain tracking.
Chekkit Consumer intelligence platform; for product anti-counterfeiting, brand protection and real-time market insights. This tool will always help producers gain ROI for all promotional/marketing and brand protection spends.
Chekkit Supply chain tracking platform; for product distribution and inventory/asset tracking. This tool helps save time, prevents stock outs and ensures end-to-end transparency on all product supply-chain/distribution processes.

Chima Ezeokoye is one of three co-founder, including Celestine Ezeokoye and Majid Tokurah, of WeMove Technologies Ltd. WeMove is primarily a transport technology company building software solutions to ease transportation and related businesses in Africa. There he oversees business development and partnerships that eases tourism issues.
WeMove Tourism an end-to-end tourism servicing system in Africa using technology and shared value to create a human-centered tourism distribution network.
Handling the value-chain from recruiting and planning to distribution of tour packages.
Our solutions includes;
The Trip – Quarterly tour planners discovery and recruitment program.
WeMove Planner – Online tour planning and management software (33+ tour companies using)
WeMove Rally – Human centered tourism distribution network ( 125 registered influencers as affiliates, 13 corporate partners, and 14 remote sales agent)
Our solution ‘Rally for corporates’ allow organizations to offer tourism as incentive to their staff. This can potentially serve the over 36 million registered businesses in Nigeria. Also 2.3billion employed population of Africa and Asia.
Wemove Technologies Ltd manages an online vehicle hire portal,www.wemove.cowhich avails the public access to over 2000 vehicles for hire. It’s range of other technology products and services Also includes tourism solutions like WeMove Planner – which takes 70% off the stress of organizing a tour package, and WeMove Rally https://rally.wemove.co – a simple distribution tool for tour packages. WeMove won the ADIS Prize for Innovation 2019 in Silicon Valley, USA. And was listed by Union Bank/Connect Nigeria as one of the top 100 startup in Nigeria 2018, in partnership with the British Council. Also made the 3 finalist in the ‘Outstanding entrepreneurship category’ of the 2019 African Tourism Leadership Forum and Award, held in Durban South Africa, this August.
It is backed by foreign investors from the USA and a local investors.
Before WeMove, Chima has been a serial leader. Having managed multi-national teams in the capacity of Head of Communications in VConnect Global Services which rendered service to over 1.2million businesses in Nigeria.
Chima has a clear vision of impacting tech businesses through design and execution of business, communications strategy, service relations and growth.
He is passionate about transportation, strategy, technology and human psychology.
BUSINESS AND COMMERCE CATEGORY was won by a product titled AFRIMART produced by Ojeniyi Olajide:

Afrimart is a one-stop heritage e-commerce platform  focused on providing seamless services with the highest level of customer satisfaction-with a variety of products like; African Antiques, Crafts, Traditional Music Instrument, Artifacts, Traditional Wears, Traditional Games and Agro-Allied products. This is a new business initiative, the very first of its type for this category of African heritage products. Our business model is to distribute and export these products mainly to earn foreign exchange into the economy.
Our vision at Afrimart is to boost the sales of local craftsmen and farmers by buying directly from them as well as distributing and exporting to the target market. This will create direct and indirect jobs along the production chain, earn foreign exchange, stimulate Agricultural production and also provide a stable revenue for local craftsmen and farmers.
We plan to use an e-wallet built on blockchain technology for transactions with our target market as well as with the local craftsmen and farmers. Our aim is to use the blockchain technology to curb the challenges of online payment encountered by most e-Commerce platform and export industry in Africa. As a social impact we also have a plan to train these local craftsmen and farmers on the use of ICT with focus on data gathering and blockchain for efficient production and target marketing. 
Olajide Ojeniyi is a dynamic individual with a passion for research and innovation. He studied computer Science at the Lagos State University. He has attended extensive leadership, policy making and management courses from British Council, Pan-African University (EDC), GE Garage, Daystar Leadership Academy and Centre for Enterprise Development and Action Research. On the short term he is gaining hands-on experience in business by collaborating with others to tackle socio-economic problems in Africa. As a recognition of his proven record of civic engagement, business and youth leadership, in the year 2015 he was inducted as a Youth Governance Ambassador by TIE Nigeria; a Youth advocacy group supported by Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative and the United States Consulate. In addition he was one of the few youths selected to partake in a Youth Enterprise survey programme organized by the World Bank in the year 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2019. He recently won the Business Excellence Award in 2019, organized by the World Confederation of Businesses, USA.
Environment and Gren Energy was won by a product titled FARMZ2U by yet another female Aishat Raheem

Aisha Raheem is the founder of Farmz2U a food and agricultural technology start-up based in Nigeria and serving Sub-Saharan African markets.
A British-Nigerian national, Aisha is a repatriate who moved back to the continent to address the challenges of food sustainability. Farmz2U employs artificial intelligence in using data and predicative analytics to optimize farmers’ agricultural value chain.
As an executive director at Farmz2U, Aisha is responsible for aligning technical development with the business position, optimizing strategic partnerships and managing investor relationships amongst other activities. Under her leadership Farmz2U has received recognition as a leading startup including; a £5,000 grant from ShellLivewire in 2016 and recognition as a leading female entrepreneur by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2019, amongst others.
She is a part qualified Chartered Management Accountant and an Economics graduate from Queen Mary University of London. And through an extensive career in asset management and strategic consultancy, she has worked with clients and employers like Schroders Asset Management, SEI Investments and BBC Worldwide.
Using her skills and experience, Aisha’s vision is to enable end-to-end food sustainability in Africa and support UN SDGs’ Goal 3 (Good Health and Well-being) and Goal 12 (Responsible Production and Consumption), and Aspiration 7 of the AU Agenda 2063.
Farmz2U is addressing; poor nutritional value from food consumption and the increasing levels of food waste. Through research and consultations with experts, we have determined that these problems are inter-related and not mutually exclusive, thus we are addressing them simultaneously. Furthermore, developed economies overproduce, due to poor data optimization while developing economies under produce, due to poor farming practices, thus demonstrating global impact in different forms.
With 795 million of the global population suffering from poor nutrition and 1.3 billion tons of food wasted annually, Farmz2U is solving important social challenges. Our objectives are aligned with Goal 3 and 12 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, further attesting their importance.

Whilst there has been an increase in the awareness of nutritional benefits of food, few solutions exist to support a proactive optimization of nutrition and reduction of food waste. We are unique in the use of behavioral science to influence users and our integration of consumer and producer data.
We are a diverse team with a range of skills that enhance our technical capability. Our team includes; Aisha Raheem (Operations Director), Adebola Oyenuga (Technical Director), Abba Badre (AI Specialist) and Muhammad Aqib (Software Developer). We are based in Lagos, Nigeria with the exception of Muhammad who is based in Pakistan.
Apart from our core team we collaborate extensively with technical experts to ensure the technical viability of our solution and measure social impact against UN SDGs.
Campus Torch is the product that emerged winner in the LEARNING AND EDUCATION CATEGORY.
CAMPUS TORCH APP is by Mr Taiwo Ogunde

Taiwo Ogunde is an innovative young entrepreneur, a brand consultant, and a motivating team leader who believes that every African youth deserves the platform to explore their skills and brilliance, this led him and his twin brother Kehinde Ogunde co-found Campus Torch, an organization that inspires and librates youth to explore their skills and brilliance consequently harnessing the endless opportunities around them using tech as a tool.
Campus Torch is an organization that inspires every youth and student to build and develop their 21st-century skills and brilliance consequently connecting them to opportunities and industries where they can be well appreciated. We solve the problems of self-development, employability, and entrepreneurship using tech as a tool. Campus Torch mobile app makes it easier for users to:
1. Learn, Be Inspired and explore their ideas.
2. Chat Live and Connect with mentors of industries and youth of like minds
3. Get free access to Jobs, Scholarships and other opportunities
We are inspiring and building exceptional personalities who are productive in their fields.
In Africa, especially Nigeria alone, the transition of 2018 to 2019 increased the rate of unemployment from 23.63% – 38%; this is humongous! Whereas students are not properly equipped to fit the roles of available opportunities; and this is as a result of the old curriculum and syllabus used in our institutions of learning; for instance, a Computer Science student is still learning FORTRAN whereas there are new languages to build innovative applications. We cannot wait on our government to create solutions when we can. Campus Torch is saying: Develop & Explore your skills and brilliance to connect with opportunities!
In conclusion, the WSA Nigeria National expert for Nigeria Emmanuel Amos has recommended the above winners from Nigeria to the UN WSA global jury in the ongoing process that will culminate into a WSA Winners’ Congress holding in Vienna, Austria, March, 2020, adding that the tech trend scouting process for Nigeria will have some changes from 2020 in line with new requirements of the Innovationbed.Africa SDGs framework activities directed to increase qualitatively Africa’s participation at the global competition.

Hurray! WSA 2021 Competition is here – Nigeria opens innovation submission link to producers from 36 states, FCT and in Diaspora.

Digital solutions for the UN SDGs. The call for the UN based WSA is open! Looking for local digital solutions with global relevance. Apply now for WSA 2021! 🌎

Ongoing call for free participation of innovators in WSA-Nigeria 2021 from – homegrown products are submitted here:


Apply now: https://wsa-global.org/wsa-young-innovators/


Apply now: https://db.icnm.net/Signup/WSA/2021/Nigeria/

This video carefully teaches how to submit a quality product:

Producers must understand the categories of products:

  1. Open Government & Citizen Engagement – influencing innovation capacity development in government services, open data, democratic participation process
  2. E-business and Commerce – (innovative services, security, finance, marketing)
  3. E-Learning and Education – (knowledge, science, skills)
  4. Health and Well-being – (medical care, sport, lifestyle)
  5. Culture and Tourism – (heritage, entertainment, subcultures)
  6. Inclusion and empowerment – (diversity, gender, justice, human rights)
  7. Smart settlement and Urbanization – (mobility, productive work, sustainable living)
  8. Environment and Green Energy – (climate, sustainable resources, agriculture)

Apply now: https://wsa-global.org/wsa-young-innovators/


Apply now: https://db.icnm.net/Signup/WSA/2021/Nigeria/

Innovationbed Africa to partner 36 States, promote innovations across Nigeria

The promoter of the InnovationBed Africa Initiative and the United Nations World Summit Awards (WSA) Eminent National Expert for Nigeria and Grand Jury member, has concluded plans to partner with the 36 state governors in Nigeria, including the federal capital territory to promote innovation capacity development local hubs among youths.

Similarly, InnovationBed Africa will continue to emphasize the use of numerous home-grown ICT solutions already springing up from numerous heroic innovation hubs, institutions by struggling, restless nation-builders from predominantly candle-lit shanties determined to fix the gaps prevalent in various sectors of their society.InnovationBed Africa

President of Programos  Foundation, Emmanuel Amos

The President of Programos Foundation and Chairman Innovationbed.Africa Initiative, Mr. Amos Emmanuel, who disclosed this in a press statement in Lagos recently, noted that though Nigeria has performed relatively well in past global innovation assessment of the WSA and its highly democratic Grand Jury, the country’s potential, as per Programos Foundation’s 10-year research pilot experience has shown that to strengthen the state innovation readiness index, will require the foundation’s true partnership with regional executive governors who should be seen to champion youth innovation capacity development whole-heartedly will foster the achievement of a sustained digital economy in Nigeria for which the Honourable Minister, Federal Ministry for Communication and Digital Economy Dr Isa A. Pantami, had expressed he is poised to drive inclusively with the community for utmost prosperity of citizens in a fast changing world.

Meanwhile, Programos Foundation has fashioned inclusive partnerships with leading technology experts of the World Summit Awards network led by Prof. Peter Bruck , UN ICT4SIDS partnership led Dr. Amjad Umar , Associate Professor at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, and Architect for UN-Strategic SmartCities ePlanner the (SDG Advisor) and Convener of the Innovationbed Pan-African SmartCities Workshop coming up in New York, April 15th – 16th 2020.

The objective of the ICT4SIDS Innovationbed research pilots in the 36 states of Nigeria is to support smart hubs that provide inexpensive and highly specialized community services in health, education, open government and citizen engagement, public safety, public welfare and decision support for all SDGs actions in the region.

These hubs are designed to collaborate with each other across communities for rapid regional transformation and thus lead to rapid adoption of Samoa Pathway and SDGs in Nigeria.

Activities of Innovationbed in each state in Nigeria is coordinated by an indigent innovator (Innovationbed State Regional Director) who must have been adjudged a WSA National Nominee having produced a pre-selected product of high social impact in the Nigerian society.

Other collaborations include Singapore-based Digital Opportunities Expert, Dr (Mrs) Danielle Plewe, Ceo, Opporizon.com, Campus2Corporate founder, Rajeev Jane – NASSCOM-India certified specialist in Business Agile Education and Faculty Development Initiatives, Alex Hung, Chairman Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association, HKNETEA and WSA National Expert for China, as well as Global Digital Foundation – a digital policy think tank headquartered in Brussels with presence in Canberra, Washington DC and Lagos, led by Paul McDonnell who was Head of European policy at the Center for Data Innovation in Brussels.

As a long-standing stakeholder in the UN OCCAM process from Africa region, Programos Foundation has a mandate to present reports on its pilot administrations from Nigeria on: “How Smart Cities can fight poverty by eliminating slums and promoting innovation-enabled communities in the 774 local government areas of Nigeria” at the upcoming XX Infopoverty World Conferences 2020 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, US, April 17th, 2020.

Early partnerships from state executive administrations will deepen the data quality from Nigeria and for refining in future sessions.

This year, XX Infopoverty World Conference marks its twentieth anniversary. The conference, since inception in 2001, and which has served as Innovationbed’s pivotal opportunity base, pursues the mission of fighting poverty, providing innovative technological applications that can help a large mass of poor people, in order to solve their primary needs in terms of e-services, education, medical assistants, ability to produce food, and finally e-governance, providing basic welfare for all, clean energy and activating circular economy, moving in towards a digital society, really inspired by SDGs.

Innovationbed plans the Pan African SmartCities Workshop in partnership with NGE Solutions Inc , and designed for high level representative of governments and corporate organisations, NGO, Academia, Innovators from Nigeria and other African countries. Workshop will present the most up-to-date solutions capable of widening access and benefits to digital opportunities.

The statement added that Innovationbed.Africa has confirmed an early call for innovation submission for both junior category the Innovationbed-Nigeria Youth Digital Award 2020 (for innovators younger than 26 years), and the senior category Innovationbed-Nigeria E-Content Award 2020 (for innovators older than 26 years. which will represent the early process in Nigeria leading to the nomination of best e-Content innovations from the 36 states of the federation, including Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Innovationbed-Nigeria Youth Digital Award 2020 is Programos Foundation’s innovation tech-scouting, mentorship, promotion and evaluation process operated as a Student Program with discoveries leading to the United Nations World Summit Youth Awards, WSYA junior category competition from Nigeria for 2020.ALSO READ  WSA 2020 pre-selection conference to showcase innovations from 36 States in Nigeria

Innovationbed-Nigeria E-Content Award 2020 is the innovation tech-scouting, mentorship, promotion and evaluation process for all senior level, high profile innovations by Nigerian startups from the 36 states of the federation including the federal capital territory Abuja.

Winners here are nominated into the global United Nations World Summit Awards, WSA (senior category) from Nigeria for 2020.

Here is the Junior Competition link for product submission (from Nigerians Only – Student Program):

Here is the Senior Competition link for product submission (from Nigerians Only):

Covid-19: Programos Foundation makes case for smart city innovation

Nigeria’s based Programos Foundation has advocated for smart city innovation for connected communities development across Nigeria and indeed Africa as a way of living and navigating in the Covid-19 pandemic era, which is presently ravaging the world.

The Foundation made the case in its recent COVID-19 intervention programmes, which was organised as one of the meeting points for many innovation producers in the ecosystem battling a pandemic from Nigeria. https://itpulse.com.ng/?_dnid=5239&t=1618191688

This global pandemic has demonstrated once again how much we need digital innovations that serve society, and make us smarter, better connected, healthier – with solutions that have a positive impact and relevant local content. We all call for change and change does not happen on its own – it is influenced by people who innovate,” said Amos Emmanuel, Chairman of Programos Foundation.

He argued that innovators are occupying leadership positions in every part of the world – Nigeria not an exception. Thus, world innovation cannot be complete without leadership contribution from Africa, and Nigeria in particular.

Hear him: “For a decade of Programos Foundation’s volunteerism, we make bold to say we are blessed with great youth innovation potentials from Africa –  from our tech scouting, researching, mentoring, promotion for global showcasing and rating of our homegrown web and mobile apps we have behind us a good pedigree of Nigerian innovators winning at the world stage at many editions. And by this, we have made indelible marks on the world’s innovation map as a black developing nation.

As our future becomes more uncertain just as COVID-19 connected with us, it will require leadership circles especially the Presidency, States and Local Governments to prioritise our UN-based youths innovationbed development programmes for smart city innovation potentials on the various states, as they are our present-day nation builders!

This is why we have developed the www.innovationbed.africa as a 5-pronged multidisciplinary, multistakeholder digital ecosystem to encourage regions across Africa with the opportunity to promote collaboration hubs of local startups riding on an international network of experts in the UN World Summit Awards. The 5 pillars of Innovationbed Africa being:

-1. FillAGap Research

-2. UpSkilling Research

-3. Tech-Scouting & Awards

-4. SDGs-Advisor (UN ICT4SIDS Computer-Aided Strategic Planning for COVID-19 Impacts in Developing Countries)

-5. Grassroots Digital Policy intervention

With your supports from the states, Nigeria’s quality and sustained participation at the global competition will not only be guaranteed, but we also hope to improve Africa’s poor contribution since 2003 on the global diameter of innovation for which Europe alone lead with more than 45%, Asia 14%, Latin America and the Caribbean 12% and the rest of the world sharing less than 30% with the African Continent ‘managing’ about 6% prior to the pandemic.

African leadership thoughts MUST then take a new look at every development agenda to ensure they are in sync with viewing innovation now as a strategic necessity going by the unfolding transformation around the globe and relevance of emerging economic data ontology requiring increased local content valuation and governance.

Our upcoming webinar which will offer a complimentary national platform in the season for numerous innovators to showcase their projects to the experts and innovation savvy audience come 17th September 2020 starting from 11.30 am WAT. Panelists will attempt to Xray the value, power and position of innovators across both the horizontal and vertical fabric of the Nigerian economy.

The virtual Jury and Conference event with a special invite to the National Coordinator, Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (NITDA) Dr. Amina Sambo-Magaji, will feature industry stakeholders and Innovationbed Research Council members: Mr. Jide Awe, CEO, JIDAW SYSTEMS LIMITED and Clara Okoro, Founder, MY BEAUTIFUL AFRICA, as well as past global winners and national nominees like Mr. Peter Ihesie, CEO, Complustech Limited (CHUCHPLUS/iPOLICE Mobile) Who won in Open Government/ Citizen Engagement award category and was celebrated in AbuDhabi UAE in 2014, Mr Tom Roberts (UTRUCK.NG) Who won in Smart Settlement and Urbanisation award category and was celebrated in Vienna, Austria in 2018, Mr. Luqman Balogun (CARROT.NG) Who won and was celebrated in Cascais, Portugal in 2019, Dr Uzoegbo Ogechukwu (EYESPHERE360) the WSA Nigeria National Nominee in Health and Lifestyle category 2018, and His Excellency, Hon. Minister for Interior and fmr Executive Governor of the State of Osun, Engr. Rauf Aregbesola (OPON IMO) won and was celebrated in Colombo, Sri Lanka 2013.

The innovating public for the purpose of this National Pre-Selection Conference is seen from 2 sides of a coin: Head are those producers wishing to submit their works for the World Summit Awards competition by using link: https://db.icnm.net/Signup/WSA/2020/Nigeria/

They have the opportunity to become presenters at the conference presenting their projects to the world and virtual Jury panel.

While tail are the aspiring learners comprising of innovation savvy youths in the society who aspire to learn to fix one or more local challenges in their lifetime rather than to continue to wail like many do, and other general viewing participants who are also skilled innovators hoping to encourage those making efforts to also join them to take actions in solving at least one SDG goal – should register using link: https://bit.ly/3gaUENt

Ongoing call for free participation of innovators in WSA-Nigeria 2020 from – homegrown products are submitted here:


This video carefully teaches how to submit a quality product:

Producers must understand the categories of products review:

  1. Open Government & Citizen Engagement – influencing innovation capacity development in government services, open data, democratic participation process
  2. E-business and Commerce – (innovative services, security, finance, marketing)
  3. E-Learning and Education – (knowledge, science, skills)
  4. Health and Well-being – (medical care, sport, lifestyle)
  5. Culture and Tourism – (heritage, entertainment, subcultures)
  6. Inclusion and empowerment – (diversity, gender, justice, human rights)
  7. Smart settlement and Urbanization – (mobility, productive work, sustainable living)
  8. Environment and Green Energy – (climate, sustainable resources, agriculture)

Every state government must rise up and develop its local potentials by domesticating UN-based Innovationbed programmes currently being coordinated by designated and trained professionals across the 36 states of the federation and FCT Abuja.

The popular slogan now by innovationbed as the panacea for dreaming to achieve a digital economy without being wasteful is to come to terms with the fact that: INNOVATION or CREATIVITY today is as IMPORTANT as LITERACY!

#Innovationbed is that human-led natural transformation sprouting across the states through state representative champions volunteering to promote UN-based programmes in sets of digitised processes that favour smart-connected communities development.

#DigitalNigeria: Innovationbed collaboration volunteerism network – a catalyst!

Innovationbed ecosystem interacts with universities, government, corporations, startup accelerators, venture capitalists, private investors, foundations, entrepreneurs, mentors, and the media across the globe.

NACOSS seals mentorship agreement with Programos Foundation

By Martin Ekpeke https://itpulse.com.ng/?_dnid=5239&t=1618191492

The Executive Council Members of the National Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS), have sealed a mentorship deal with Programos Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of Programos Software Group.

The agreement was sealed today when NACOSS executives paid a courtesy visit to the company’s corporate headquarters in Lagos.

Speaking on the choice of Programos Foundation, Comrade Okoro Emeka Louis, the National Public Relations officer of NACOSS said Programos Foundation was deliberately chosen because of its antecedent of moulding the youths for the future challenges, especially in the area of software design and development.

He posited that Programos, a 100 percent indigenous software design, development and maintenance company has through the Foundation moulded some Nigerians, who are presently doing well as entrepreneurs and can compete favourably among their peers from any part of the world.

“We have recognised what Programos through its Foundation has been doing across Nigeria, developing the idea of youth empowerment in Nigeria. This directly deals with our own discipline, so we have decided to partner with Programos so that as students we can develop ourselves even while in school,” he said.

Loius added that the partnership with a company like Programos will ostensibly help students who are studying Computer Science and other related courses to prepare themselves for the challenges that would come their way in the future.

Commenting, the President of Programos Foundation, Mr. Emmanuel Amos said the Foundation is honoured to have been chosen by NACOSS, disclosing that the Foundation has been involved with numerous capacity development programmes for the jobless Nigerian graduates/undergraduates in the last 20 years. The foundation who has now fully developed ICT4SIDs partnership with United Nations agencies on smart hubs for rapid implementation of sustainable development goals in Nigeria, currently oversees an African digital policy think tank for the Global Digital Foundation www.globaldigitalfoundation.org/secretariat/ and have identified the need for an expanded youth education in digital policy so they can become more inclusive in policymaking process.

“Programos Foundation as a not-for-profit, civil society company is honoured to have NACOSS as our partner.  We are committed towards building capacity for Nigerian graduates and undergraduates,” he assured.

He highlighted some of the Foundation’s programmes that will immensely benefit NACOSS. They include SiDO.Varsity, a scheme that offers modern software development skills education to both ICT and NON-ICT students while in the Universities, Polytechnics and other institutions, explaining that the initiative gives answers to undergraduates’ questions like “AFTER SCHOOL WHAT NEXT?”.

Others are SiDO.Siwes that was created to complement the filling of the gap now yawning between undergraduates and the benefits of out-of-school and office practice exposures of the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme.  And lastly, SiDO.Grad, which is the Programos Foundation’s flagship initiative that empowers unemployed graduates of diverse disciplines from tertiary institutions. He said the initiative is targeted at making the beneficiaries discover their areas of specialization depending on their first degree, or prior experiences for the possibility of encouraging the formation of SMEs which will offer Information Technology Enabled Services to industries and public sector space.

NACOSS awards Programos as most innovative and supportive ICT company

The Executive Council Members of the National Association of Computer Science Students (NACOSS), today awarded Programos Software Group the most innovative and supportive Information and Communications Technology company in Nigeria.

Presenting the award to Programos at the company’s corporate headquarters in Lagos, Comrade Okoro Emeka Louis, the National Public Relations officer of NACOSS said the award is a recognition of various efforts Programos has put in place to groom the youths, especially Nigerian students in the country.

“We are awarding Programos Software Group the most innovative and supportive Information and Communications Technology company in Nigeria today because there are clear facts and pictures of various programmes Programos has done to groom the Nigerian youths in the area of Information and Communications Technology,” he said.

He noted that Programos is not just doing the mere speaking, but is also doing the practical aspect of it with the full empowerment of the youths, which has helped some to become enterprenuer and are creating jobs for other youths.

Responding, an elated Chief Executive Officer of Programos Software, Mr. Emmanuel Amos said he is happy to be recognised yet challenged to do more to empower the youths, who most of the time don’t know how to approach the future after school.

He urged other organizations to come to the aid of Nigerian Students given that the current global trends in technologies now require Extracurriculum exposures into the future of education, work, health, transport, etc, and general e-content areas that can catalyze the increase in their true academic values as they leave school.

“Despite so much economic confusion, students have been charged to stay focused and still sacrifice as much as possible in self development as there are brand new opportunities emerging in the technology sector that only the ‘patient dog will eat the fattest bone’!,” he asserted.

UTRUCKIT.NG flies Nigeria’s flag, receives World Summit Award


Nigerian-based startup UTRUCKIT.NG, with expertise in the provision of logistic solution has received the United Nations World Summit Award ​in​ ​the​ ​​Smart​ ​Settlements​ ​&​ ​urbanization​ ​category for 2017​ ​​at​ ​the event held ​in​ ​Vienna​, Austrialia March 20-22 2018.

Programos​ ​Foundation,​ Nigeria’s​ ​coordinating​ ​civil​ ​society​ ​organization​ ​for​ ​the​ ​United​ ​Nations based​ ​World​ ​Summit​ ​Awards​, ​which​ ​selects​ ​and​ ​promotes​ ​local​ ​digital​ ​innovation​ ​with​ ​high impact​ ​on​ ​improving​ ​society, disclosed in a statement.

According to the statement signed by Chief Software Architect/Chairman, Programos Software Group and Founder, Programos Foundation, Mr Amos Emmanuel, UTRUCKIT.NG  was given the award ​ ​and recognition in​ ​front​ ​of​ ​United Nations  representatives,​ ​ICT​ ​ministries, ​country​ ​contingent​s, public ​and​ ​ ​private​ ​sector stakeholders.​ ​

Amos said the Nigerian innovator emerged a winner among 40 other winners from 23 countries, selected from over 400 nominations from 180 countries. “As the Nigerian representative and a promoter of the World Summit Award Nigeria, we congratulate UTRUCKIT.NG for receiving this award in​ ​the​ ​​SMART​ ​SETTLEMENTS​ ​&​ ​URBANIZATION​ ​category and making Nigeria proud,” he stated.

He noted that a win in World Summit Award by Nigerian startups is a display of resilience of Nigerians, especially the youths to compete favourably among their peers globally, when given the opportunity, the right exposure and due patronage.

UTRUCKIT.NG, pioneered by Mr. Tom Roberts, enables cargo owners convey their cargo more safely and smartly the way they want from the comfort of their homes just by using the TRUCKIT.NG app.

The startup has therefore moved innovation from the laboratory trials to actually impacting on the Nigerian society, protecting businesses and bringing about huge cost-savings to bottomlines in response to smart settlement and urbanization.

The World Summit Awards (WSA) promote social entrepreneurship in the digital sector worldwide to honour the most innovative digital applications and solutions, as a contribution to the United Nations “World Summit on the Information Society.”

This year’s World​ ​Summit​ ​Global​ ​Congress, saw social entrepreneurs from more than 100 countries coming together to share and discuss how ICTs and interactive applications can have a positive and sustainable impact on society.

Other highlights asides thought-leadership discussions and inspiring keynotes about digital media, technology for social change and solutions for global networks, include SDG Luncheon at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna, Business Matching Hackathon, WSA After Party by a German innovation network Umdasch Group.

Giving regular participation of Nigeria and the prominent presence on the global innovation map by Nigerian innovators in the last decade, the Vienna Winners’ Congress saw approvals from many other African country representatives, led by Morocco, Uganda, Madagascar, Cameroon and Sudan to support a vote of the Nigerian expert, Amos Emmanuel to drive some volunteering leadership process with WSA office in Austria and National experts in a way that catalyzes, continental interactivity of the African innovation ecosystem, increased participation of more African innovations to the WSA global competition under the name ‘WSA Africa’.

Follow the link to participate in current edition of the WSA 2018 as announced.

Programos Foundation partners Global Digital Foundation on webinar for post-pandemic innovation development in Africa


Programos Foundation partners Global Digital Foundation on webinar for post-pandemic innovation development in Africa

Published 11 months ago

on May 21, 2020

ByModupe Abidoye

Digital Policy
Programos Foundation in conjunction with Global Digital Foundation, Europe has rallied experts in the digital space for a Webinar centered on Digital Policies in the post-Covid-19 economies.

Programos Foundation is the progenitor of Innovationbed.Africa; necessitated by the result of many years of independent tech-trend scouting, innovation capacity mentorship and promotion, strategic e-planning and digital policy think tank research.

Global Digital Foundation; a think tank and policy network providing interdisciplinary framework for a 3-way dialogue between policy makers, stakeholders and scholars in support of an evidence-based approach to policy which is affecting the development and use of emerging digital technology, is supporting Programos Foundation on this move due to the relevance and importance of the theme

The presence of GDF in Africa is to advance relevant Digital policy awareness and grassroots education in Africa.

The theme of the Webinar scheduled for May 27, 2020 at 2pm (GMT+1 WAT) is: “Digital Policy: The Post Pandemic Fabric for Innovation Development in Africa”.

Speaking ahead of the programme The Director Africa, Global Digital Foundation, Founder, Programos Foundation and Architect (Innovationbed.Africa), Emmanuel Amos, said that the theme was carefully selected as COVID-19 has exposed the lack of robust digital policies in Africa.

He said that speakers during the Webinar will emphasize concerns regarding utilising and promoting the opportunities offered by digitalisation and includes regulation of digital and electronic communications, network and information security, frequency policy and issues concerning broadband access and digital infrastructure, amongst others.

Mr. Amos who is also the Chairman, Lagos State Chapter of ITAN, reiterated that Innovationbed ecosystem interacts with universities, government, corporations, startup accelerators, venture capitalists, private investors, foundations, entrepreneurs, mentors, and the media across the globe towards finding lasting solution to challenges faced by economies on the Continent.ALSO READ  NBCC, Edufirst.ng unveil plans for maiden EduTech conference

“This Webinar is in line with the fact that COVID-19 has made it very clear that the world needs collective efforts in order to achieve global development and to achieve the UN SDGs.

Innovationbed social media outlets and activities create an active flow of information and resources for ideas to transform into reality.

Innovationbed has in 10 years conducted a national pre-selection jury which rates innovative products and recommends them to the global database of the UN World Summit Awards.

Programos Foundation President, Emmanuel Amos, who is incidentally the Director for Africa on the Global Digital Foundation based in Europe finds it timely to initiate this International and Pan African talk in an approach that aim at six important benefits for Africa:

  1. A better climate for digital innovation promotion in the public and private sectors.
  2. Awareness that choosing overly-precautionary regulations over rules that target specific harms will limit the potential for digital innovation to do good in our regions.
  3. Economic policies that anticipate and address the effects of digital disruption on traditional sectors.
  4. Seizure of the opportunity to transform government and government-controlled sectors such as research, education, security, and public administration
  5. Reposition Africa’s innovation projectile for better performance against the global innovation diameter
  6. Policy to favour INNOVATION as essential and national asset in Africa

This is one of the many contributions by our foundation leveraging on strategic partnership with Global Digital Foundation headquartered in Belgium to attempt researching into what can fasttrack a sustainable African innovation ecosystem development with due promotion for sector transformations post COVID-19.ALSO READ  TOSSEtech exhibition to showcase tech for education transformation – Edumark

The outcome of webinar to do the following:

  1. Assemble Evidence,
  2. Create Understanding,
  3. Aim For Consensus
  4. Share report

Speakers:InnovationBed.Africa Webinar

Speakers for the Webinar

Renowned speakers have confirmed their appearance during the Webinar. They include:

Executive Director, Global Digital Foundation, (Belgium), Paul Macdonnel; Egypt ICT Expert, Vice CEO, Information Technology Industry Development Agency, ITIDA (Egypt), Ahmed M. El-Sobky; President/Chairman-in-Council, Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) and Past President Nigeria Computer Society (Nigeria), Prof. Charles Uwadia; CEO, Opporizon Global, Partner Innovationbed.Africa and WSA Grand Jury member, (Singapore), Daniela Alina Plewe (PhD); Director for Africa, Thunderbird School of Global Management (Kenya), Philip Thigo; CEO, Dial Technologies and WSA Grand Jury Member (Morocco), Zouheir Lakhdissi; Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Lead Consultant for UN ICT4SIDS and CEO NGE Solutions Inc, Amjad Umar (PhD).

How to participate:

The Webinar is open to all policy savvy public, but to participate you have to pre-register via the link HERE

This Webinar is also supported by ICT4SIDS – an ecosystem designed under some innovative pilots that was launched by the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT Development, UN-GAID to offer Africa a community-based collaborative digital innovation hub for social and economic transformations in rural, urban, regional, smart and connected more livable communities.

Programos Foundation and its resources have volunteered alliances in the last decade with UN partnerships like ICT4SIDS, World Summit Awards, and Global Digital Foundation policy think tank to research project processes that causes desired changes in Africa.