WSANigeria Startup Council

United Nations World Summit Awards National Expert for Nigeria

Amos Emmanuel mNCS, FIIM, CDOA

Chief Software Architect/Ceo, Programos Software Group and Founder, Programos Foundation

Founder, Innovationbed.Africa Incubation-2030: a decade plus social investment in digital ecosystem development, building Nigeria’s NEXT generation of young innovators and contributing to the new world!!!

2021: Nigeria recorded 2 great wins in Open Government and Citizens Engagement and in the WSYA – Young Innovators under the Health category

Hamat Lawal, WSA Winner

Product by Hamzat Lawal

  • Original Title: FollowTheMoney
  • Year: 2021
  • Award: World Summit Award
  • Category: Government & Citizen Engagement
  • Producer: Team of FollowTheMoney
  • Country: Nigeria
  • URL:

Corruption has over the years crippled the economy of countries and public trust in government. It has led to the breakdown of rules and laws, underdevelopment, and marginalization of citizens; funds meant to provide basic social amenities are siphoned.

Follow The Money seeks to provide unique value to citizens by ensuring social inclusion, quality service delivery and social justice through tracking budgetary allocations and funds expended to provide quality education, healthcare facilities and infrastructure for water and sanitation.

Dr Tunde Oyebamiji, WSYA Winners
Dr Imodoye Abioro, WSYA Winner

Co-Produced by Dr Tunde Oyebamiji and Dr Imodoye Abioro

Healthbotics is a health technology startup that focuses on easing the rural-urban health access disparity in Africa using technology. Its product, Lend an Arm (LAA), connects hospitals and patients to emergency services at the push of a button using a mobile application, a call center, an AI chatbot, and medium-range cargo drones.

2012: Nigeria celebrated BudgIT App.

Oluseun David Onigbinde, WSA Winner

Our Mission

To use creative technology to simplify public information, stimulating a community of active citizens and enabling their right to demand accountability, institutional reforms, efficient service delivery and equitable society.

Our Vision

To see a community of active citizens that relentlessly make effective use of public information to demand accountability, geared for institutional improvement, efficient services delivery, and an equitable society.

Our Values

  • Creativity
  • Insight
  • Accuracy
  • Excellence
  • Accountability


BudgIT is a civic organization that applies technology to intersect citizen engagement with institutional improvement, to facilitate societal change.

11 Sustainable cities and communities
  • Year: 2012
  • Award: WSA Young Innovators
  • Category: Young Innovators
  • Producer: Oluseun David Onigbinde
  • Country: Nigeria
  • URL:

BudgIT is a civic start-up to present Nigerian public finances in a web platform understandable at every level of literacy and user interest. The goal is to redefine participatory governance in Nigeria while promoting open access to data and focusing on a more user-friendly presentation of state and federal budgets. Contents include charts and performance analysis for proper understanding of what budgets and public data entail. With little or no knowledge of accounting and public financial management, many Nigerians are lost when confronted with government budgets or media releases only giving macro figures, as details trickling down to citizens are not fully explained. The maze of millions and billions in “thick” budget documents tend to confuse, lacking a context for how public funds are actually spent. BudgIT serves as a bridge, using creative methods of visual intelligence, info-graphic display, mobile (web and sms) and online interface to deliver Nigerian budgets to every citizen. Enabling non-expert people to understand budgetary and public data is critical to benchmark governance, which seeks tools to foster efficiency in the use of resources, while building trust within society. BudgIT uses financial and technical expertise to deepen discussions around budgetary allocations as a contribution to citizenship participation.

Dare Odumade, Josef Umdasch Winner and WSA National Nominee
Tosin Adelowo, Josef Umdasch Winner and WSA National Nominee

Co-Produced by Dare Odumade and Tosin Adelowo

  • Original Title: Checkit App
  • Year: 2020
  • Award: National Nominee, African Representative
  • Category: Josef Umdasch Awards
  • Producer: Dare Odumade, Tosin Adelowo
  • Country: Nigeria
  • URL:
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Founded in 2018, Chekkit is incorporated in Nigeria and the USA, with extensive experience working with small, medium, and FTSE100 companies across several continents with particular focus on manufacturers/producers of consumer goods and pharmaceutical products.

The Vision

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The Mission

In a few years, Chekkit’s platform will become the leading product authentication and distribution tracking technology solution globally

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