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Share a 2-3 minute video of self skills and what you have done to help the society and send to copying

You can only apply for Innovationbed Micro-Startup Incubation 2030 Initiative (SPACE4Nigeria) programme representation for your state of origin ONLY!

NB: You must hold, or (as an undergraduate) in the process of holding a degree in any discipline, run or aspire to initiate an innovative enterprise and be between ages 18- 40 years of age.





WSA-Nigeria National Expert scouts for state representatives to assist in innovation tech-scouting from their local domains across the 36 states, and FCT.

WSANigeria and ICT4SIDS Digital Transformation (Innovation Capacity Development) Incubation for youths of every state

As an innovator become a representative to co-conduct the process of helping others in the state!

Are you a fit INNOVATOR VOLUNTEER FOR 2023/2024 ACTIVITIES for your state?

Our villages are potential smart cities and here lies the next opportunities for every young person to showcase their innovations to the world stage.

Are you an initiative starter male or female from any of the 36 states of Nigeria or any African country with Innovationbed presence?

This platform promotes more of job/service creative youths than job-seeking!!! They in turn employ job seekers…

Ability to meet terms and conform to global best practice?

Certified UN ICT4SIDS Smart City Innovation Fellows is an advantage.


  • Driven by passion to succeed.
  • We are inspired by people who build their companies from nothing rather than climb favoritism trees and ladders.
  • We offer the right guidance, best practice and global collaboration matrix network.
  • Innovationbed Digital Citizens Startups (Innovation Development) Incubation Hub for your state will be a one-stop shop for popular local capacity innovative services and products needed by government and private enterprises.
  • We share innovation ideas from around the world and from limitless sector challenges

Confirmed Regional Reps – Growing the Innovationbed 2030 Tech-Talent (Innovation Capacity Development) Incubation will need your involvement from any of the 36 states and FCT …

#InnovationbedAfrica Zamfara State Government Executive & WSA-Nigeria Youth Coordinators:

Asmau Sanni Mailafia

Abdul’Azeez Garba Samaru

Abdullahi Abubakar

Najaatu Atiku
#InnovationbedAfrica Zamfara Representatives & WSA-Nigeria Youth Coordinators:

#InnovationbedAfrica Nasarawa State Government Executives & WSA-Nigeria Youth Coordinators:

Ruth Samuel

Tasiu Kwpalong Saeed

Agbo Faruq RABO

Maryam Gajere Muhammed
#InnovationbedAfrica Nasarawa Representatives & WSA-Nigeria Youth Coordinators:

Our resource and unlimited Network:

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