A non-governmental, not-for-profit division conducting the World Summit Awards (Nigeria) and powering the digital ecosystem initiative called Innovationbed.Africa.

Programos Foundation

Specializes in Software development, training, consultancy and Technical Support services for African Capital Markets.

Programos Software Limited

Incubating Data & Open-AI Career Transformation for ICT4SIDS and conducting the United-Nations based WSA GLOBAL process in Nigeria.

Innovationbed Africa

– One way you can join us is by volunteering to represent our advocacy for your state and region, anywhere in Africa …

Our project pedigree stands us out.

It can be such a liberating experience if every professor, teacher, nurses, doctors, and students in Africa can type on a computer, seeking data processing and can get results more accurately and speedily relating to discoveries or challenges within the confines of their profession. Join us to liberate them all … leave no one behind as the impact of Data & AI on humans are no more myths. This generation can no longer continue read for examination alone – every course of study being challenged by the developments in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning today, bring valuable contribution to national development table for any country.

The Center is still registering country community partners in Africa. You will be glad you did for your region. Deadline is 31-07-2023

I Love Innovationbed Africa,

In particular with Emmanuel Amos and the work that he does in developing an ‘Innovationbed’, because as he explains to me, when you go to sleep at night, you wake up in your bed in the morning, before you go to sleep again the next night, you got to make sure that bed is made and ready for you to sleep in. Same thing with Innovation!

Ralph Simon
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Mobilium Global Limited Global Council & Management Board WSA National Expert for United Kingdom


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