About Innovationbed Incubation-2030

Enrollment is ongoing:
Minimum Requirements: Creative youths in Secondary and Tertiary institutions.

Duration: Depends on Programme and Cohort Applied

Mode of Incubation content delivery:
1. Lessons will be delivered to the students in a combination of applicable e-learning portals, relevant communication tools, and e-mail addresses.
2. Progress tests will also be delivered via e-mail and e-learning portals. There will be a test on every completed module / lesson.

3. Participants will also complete digital service research projects on specialization and with relevance to local region and enterprise benefits.

How to Apply:
Send your detailed Curriculum Vitae to, copying making reference to “Innovationbed Incubation-2030”

Apply under your state if activated with a representative:

Abia State #Incubation2030

Adamawa State #Incubation2030 (In Discussion)

Akwa Ibom State #Incubation2030

Anambra State #Incubation2030

Bauchi State #Incubation2030 (In Discussion)

Bayelsa State #Incubation2030


Benue State #Incubation2030

Borno State #Incubation2030

Cross River State #Incubation2030

Delta State #Incubation2030

Ebonyin State #Incubation2030

Ekiti State #Incubation2030

Enugu State #Incubation2030

Gombe State #Incubation2030

Imo State #Incubation2030

Jigawa State #Incubation2030

Kaduna State #Incubation2030

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Kwara State #Incubation2030

Lagos State #Incubation2030

Niger State #Incubation2030

Ogun State #Incubation2030

Ondo State #Incubation2030 (In Discussion)

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Oyo State #Incubation2030

Plateau State #Incubation2030

Rivers State #Incubation2030

Sokoto State #Incubation2030

Taraba State #Incubation2030 (In Discussion)

Yobe State #Incubation2030

FCT Abuja, #Incubation2030

Accra Region State TechSTARTups Hub

Our Incubation2030 Impact Principles …

Innovationbed inspiring young people in the 36 states of the federation and FCT to evolve city-as-a-service caas innovations and smart digital solutions that can give their regions a true sense of digital transformation and drive employment. #SVC4Nigeria.

“And above all, instill into our beneficiary network, a Incubation2030 impact career path after: Knowledge + Mannerism (Integrity & Ethics) + Productivity + Enterprise Leadership culminating into Wealth and National Development.” We have also adopted the official National Integrity and Ethics content as part of our capacity development contents.

Capacity building to develop resilient local supply chain using ICTs creativity that boosts economy”

“…we try to give Innovationbed Incubation2030 Impact franchise to not just experienced privileged youths, but young men and women that exhibit high-grade, skilled, likable an trustworthy character.”

“… promote collaboration of diverse professionals who may decide to run together rather than going alone and not get any far”

“…we prefer to bank on our knowledge capital, maintaining a low debt to equity ratio – preferring businesses earning good returns on equity than going for unfavorable loans channels.”

“Our preference is to reach our goal by directly owning a diversified group of businesses that generate consistent growth in bottom-line …”