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Programos Foundation under its

Fix-A-Gap and Youth UpSkilling Research Observatory announces

International Multi-Disciplinary Virtual apprenticeship Programme 2021/30

for  undergraduates of African Universities and Workforce of private and government MDAs.


“Digital Services in a Smart Community”


WE ARE GOING #automatedcommunity, JOIN BY NOMINATING YOUTHS FROM YOUR STATES to be a part of the new nation-building academy!


Innovationbed Partnering United Nations ICT4SIDS (SPACE4ICT) and WSA-Nigeria has trained 1st Cohort of Smart Cities Innovation Development in Nigeria #SVC4Nigeria with youth nominations from AkwaIbom state, Bauchi  state , Benue  state , Edo  state , Gombe  state, Ogun  state , Kano  state , Katsina  state , Taraba  state , FCT (Abuja): 


Innovationbed Graduate Trainee Programme – Nigerian youths in the STAR CLASS session with Prof Amjad Umar of Harrisburg University.

Cohort (2) – Registration in Progress …

Smart Virtual Cities Innovation Development Workshops for Nigeria Youths #SVC4NIGERIA

What is Innovationbed Smart City Innovation Upskilling for youths about?

We help young graduates and students asides learning to code, collaborate in team nature, to learn how to solve problems that are important to them, including real-time problems of their varied professional disciplines like accounting, sociology, chemistry, computer sciences etc, by applying creative thinking skills to innovate new service and product designs that aims to correct at least one of the communities’ many social problems.

Can everyone be helped to learn to code?

Yes. First, every man that can think and offer solutions to earthly issues facing mankind even if doing so by thinking of them or expressing solution steps in their raw natural dialects can code or do programming. But our training will make each participant identify areas of optimizing own strengths in innovation career paths.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to make coding and software engineering accessible to everyone through courses that are simple to digest, and practical to implement.

We deliver Simply Easy Learning with clear, crisp, and to-the-point content on a wide range of technical subjects

by Programos Foundation

Course Overview
Smart cities and communities (SCCs) are populations that live in different geographical areas but are interconnected through intelligent technologies. SCCs use an integrated information and communications technology (ICT) system to improve efficiency, manage complexity and enhance citizens’ quality of life, leading to sustainable improvement in city operations. Examples of SCCs are smart community centers, smart villages, and smart towns that collaborate with each other for regional growth. The main idea is that the SCCs must address the needs of the underserved populations (about half of the world population), that do not have access to adequate health, education, public safety, public welfare, food, housing, utilities, and other vital services. This six-week hands-on workshop will give you an opportunity to develop solutions for your SCCs by using a powerful computer-aided planning tool.  Programme Highlights Describe the three dimensions of sustainability (society, environment, and economy) and how they interrelate.Explain how to build a culture of sustainability.Demonstrate the value of impactful investments.Plot steps for developing a sustainable business model.

General Information:
•       This course has 6 online Sessions  (S1, S2, S3, S4, etc., one  session per week)
•       Each session concentrates on one topic and has one hour of lecture (a mixture of pre-recorded materials and in-class discussion moderated by an instructor)
•       There is 3-4 hour of homework (HW) for each session that consists of:•       Reading text materials•       Joining a discussion forum on a topic related to the session
•       Doing some hands-on experiments (e.g., Internet searches, gamification, etc 
•       This course has 4 online Sessions  (S1, S2, S3, S4, etc., one  session per week)
•       Each session concentrates on one topic and has one hour of lecture (mixture of pre-recorded materials and in-class discussion moderated by an instructor)
•       There is 3-4 hour of homework (HW) for each session that consists of:•       Reading text materials
•       Joining a discussion forum on a topic related to the session
•       Doing some hands-on experiments (e.g., Internet searches, gamification, etc 

Our goal is to ensure our youths can take charge of future digital economy concerns. As states in Nigeria are beginning to realize they have to develop into smart, connected, communities taking advantage of the improving broadband infrastructure being rolled out by the Nigeria Communications Commission, NCC, Innovationbed Research intervention discovers that most of our public service space lacks the leadership WILL for technology and innovation adequate for a good decision-making process as well as generating competitive local content data to make governance ideal, smart, and reliable

Core Track:

The new assignment of man is to quicken competence development in skills that innovated the above areas of our new life from big data.
Show our participants How machine learning uses Natural Language processing, NLP, Computer vision and Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks, to drive process user experience and insights.

United Nations ICT4SIDS – empowering the developing Countries’ public service governance system with Strategic Planning and Smart-City Education Development and Certification for youths in Developing Countries
These programmes leverage Harrisburg University (HU) Masters in Information Systems course content and delivered to the participants by the Director ICT of Programs, HU, Prof. AMJAD UMAR.
Lead Faculty Professor Amjad Umar Lead Consultant, ICT4SIDS Government Technologies Expert Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, US.

#EmergingTechnologies are impacting industries:

After the workshops, participants can enroll in specialized (Up-skilling Certificate) programmes covering: Basic Programming Language Skills Foundation Course Advanced Programming Skills for Web and Mobile Computing Computer Vision Programming Skills Natural Language Programming Skills Industrial Programming for IOTs Industrial Programming for BlockChain AI for Insights, Process Automation and User Experience Course Robotics Foundation Course Business Agility Transformation Course for Entrepreneurs Cybersecurity Certificate Course Innovationbed Consortium5.0 – IC5.0 Techpia Network (Freelance Services Bureau)
Content and Capacity scope not limited to the above as numerous other International experts are also available to expose beneficiaries to diverse other emerging upskilling areas not limited to BLOCKCHAIN, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, CYBERSECURITY DIGITAL MARKETING BUSINESS AGILITY FRAMEWORK FOR ENTREPRENEURS NEW DIGITAL DEAL-ROOMS



The gaps we see between urban and that of rural communities keep widening in almost every state of the federation. This IMBALANCE is not surprising, as it reflects the natural true political leadership agendas and priorities. Here is the reason we have based our strategy on gender equity (we demand male and female nominations from each local government in the state not minding whether urban or rural), multi-disciplinary (graduates of any course of study so they can collaborate with each other value addition in possible venture startups) and grassroots engagement to share the opportunities that abound in the Innovationbed and UN #ICT4SIDS initiative for growing innovation among youths in developing countries.

Innovationbed graduate capacity development initiative will promote real development in an equal and sustainable way across the country. We emphasize how they can use new technologies to create new jobs as the old-fashioned jobs continue to disappear by the minute. Our beneficiaries are thought to become subject matter experts, who aspire to continually re-innovate their societies in manners that alleviate the poverty of citizens around them, share smart strategic governance education among the political leadership in their regions – generally live a life of change-agents so to speak! And we are happy we are grooming and growing this millennial demographic in the country by our simple efforts.

1. How does your training impact positively the economic agenda priority of the leadership in your communities/state?

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • eCommerce

Software implementation, Development and Outsoursing aka SiDO.Liberty Initiative – Lagos State LGA Pilot Scheme kicks off July 18 – 21, 2011 with 50 Elders and 200 Youths of Somolu Local Government Area.

Thank you all. Next schedules will be announced for your direct participation where interested. At this conclusive end, we were able to make a case ensuring the ordinary people of the community have a say in directing governance and for which our foundation will evaluate and report accordingly for the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT Development, UN-GAID’s use in the global MDG eNabler. The struggle for a sustainable nation building continues!

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