Innovationbed AI-Creativity Career & Entrepreneurship Incubation

AI is accelerating significant shifts within the workforce, and professionals can expect their job responsibilities to change by nearly 65% by 2030 as a result of this technology. As workers seek to expand their skill sets to take advantage of new AI-enabled capabilities, it will be important to align with what leaders are looking for. And as important as AI-related skills are, data is showing that the proliferation of automation is actually making unique people skills even more important. In fact, 92% of US executives agree that people skills are more important than ever, according to our June 2023 US Executive Confidence Index.

Saving 100+ professions from extinction and displacement of its professionals by Artificial Intelligence, is our goal by 2030!

Register to Apply – Please read carefully before submitting your registration. Only successful applicants who can then proceed to make payments upon clearance will be invited to the AI-Creativity Career Transformation Project launch in October 1st, 2023:

Statement on Innovationbed AI-Creativity Career Lab

“At Innovationbed, we are proud to introduce the Innovationbed AI-Creativity Career course, a pioneering initiative that marks a transformative milestone in Africa’s educational landscape. Our vision is clear: to empower the next generation of graduates with the essential knowledge and skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI), ensuring that every discipline and profession can harness the incredible potential of AI to enhance productivity and drive innovation.

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I firmly believe that every field of study plays a crucial role in the development of our nation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) serves as a powerful tool that can help us appreciate the potential and prosperity within our respective professions while enhancing our competitiveness in this rapidly evolving era.

Fifteen years ago, my involvement as a volunteer in the United Nations World Summit Awards resulted in significant achievements for our nation. I had the privilege of nominating world-class innovators from our own ecosystem, leading to numerous accolades in both junior and senior categories.

In the near future, AI-Creativity Laboratory (a virtual incubation) which is our Failure Recovery Intervention project for all, will seem effortless when we can recognize as a society of change-makers the potential of profitable micro-start-ups that will evolve and contribute substantially to our economy, enticing investors to participate actively.

The program aims to empower these young ones to use AI to re-imagine innovative solutions and services out of their respective fields and prepare them for the evolving e-job market productivity and control.

I seek your unwavering support, whether from the private sector or government, to champion this essential endeavour, especially as we are committed to spearheading an affordable and transformative re-learning landscape focused on AI4all professions upskilling by the year 2030 for millions to benefit across Africa.

Thank you

Amos Emmanuel, mNCS, FIIM, CDOA

AI-Creativity Foundation Part (1) 3-months

Month 1: Introduction to AI and Python Fundamentals -Special Application to non-ICT professions

(NB: This module Only for successfully screened participants@35,000.00*)

  • Week 1: Introduction to AI and its Applications
  • Week 2: Python Fundamentals
  • Week 3: Data Structures and Control Structures in Python
  • Week 4: Python Functions and Libraries

Month 2: Data Manipulation and Visualization

  • Week 5: Data Manipulation with Numpy and Pandas using own professional examples
  • Week 6: Data Visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn using own professional examples
  • Month 3: Project in Python Programming

AI-Creativity Foundation Part 2 (Months 3- 4)

Month 3: Machine Learning Basics – Special Application to non-ICT professions

(NB: This module Only for participants who have successful passed in Part 1 and who show strong participation and understanding to grow knowledge of AI @65,000.00*)

  • Week 1: Introduction to Machine Learning using own professional examples
  • Week 2: Linear Regression and Logistic Regression using own professional examples
  • Week 3: Decision Trees and Random Forests using own professional examples

Month 2: Advanced Machine Learning and Model Evaluation

  • Week 4: Model Evaluation and Hyperparameter Tuning using own professional examples
  • Week 5: Support Vector Machines and K-Means Clustering using own professional examples
  • Week 6: Time Series Analysis and Feature Engineering using own professional examples
  • Month 3/4: Project in Data Visualization & Model Predictions

AI-Creativity Advanced/Specialization Part (3) 4-months

(NB: This module Only for successful participants in Part 1 & Part 2. and who show strong interest to form an enterprise @100,000.00*)

Month 1: Deep Learning and Neural Networks

  • Week 1: Introduction to Neural Networks
  • Week 2: Deep Learning Frameworks (TensorFlow/Keras)
  • Week 3: Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)

Month 2: Specialized AI Topics and Capstone Project in chosen courses and backgrounds

  • Week 4: Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)
  • Week 5: Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Week 6: Reinforcement Learning and Ethics in AI
  • Week 7: Building AI-Driven Projects and Startups
  • Week 8: Capstone Project Development and Presentation

Weekly Projects and Activities: Throughout both stages of the program, weekly projects and activities should be assigned to reinforce the knowledge gained. These projects include practical AI exercises and applications related to the topics covered in that particular week.

Capstone Project: The Capstone Project in the Advanced AI Stage should be a culmination of the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program. Participants will work on AI projects that align with their background professions or interests. They should be encouraged to identify real-world problems that AI can solve or innovative AI-based product ideas.

Mentorship and Collaboration: Offer mentorship opportunities, where participants can receive guidance from experienced AI professionals. Encourage peer collaboration, especially during the Capstone Project phase, to promote teamwork and diverse perspectives.

Assessment and Certification: Regular assessments and evaluations should be conducted to gauge participants’ progress. Provide a certificate upon successful completion of the program.


This ground breaking program is the first of its kind on the African continent, designed to bridge the gap between traditional education and the dynamic demands of today’s job market. In a world where AI is rapidly reshaping industries, our course equips students from diverse fields with the tools they need to thrive, adapt, and lead in the age of AI.

We understand that the challenges facing new graduates are evolving, and the Innovationbed Creative-AI course stands as a beacon of opportunity. It’s a program that transcends boundaries, empowering students in every discipline to harness AI’s transformative power. Whether you’re an aspiring engineer, a budding artist, a future healthcare professional, or any other discipline, AI has a role to play in your success.

Our commitment is to provide not just education but a catalyst for innovation. With the Innovationbed Creative-AI course, we are sowing the seeds of change, fostering a new generation of professionals who will drive productivity, tackle complex challenges, and shape a brighter future for Africa.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where AI becomes the common thread that connects and elevates all disciplines. Together, we will unlock new horizons, empower graduates with the skills they need to thrive, and position Africa at the forefront of AI-driven innovation.

Welcome to the future of education. Welcome to the Innovationbed AI-Creativity course.”

This executive statement highlights the unique and transformative nature of the Innovationbed Creative-AI course, emphasizing its importance in equipping graduates with AI skills for success in various fields.

AI-Creativity model – what you need to know:

Inclusivity for All:

“At AI-Creativity Lab, we believe that advanced education in Artificial Intelligence should not be a privilege limited to the few who can afford it. We’ve created a unique model that brings together a network of 3100 like-minded individuals to share both the cost and the benefits, ensuring that AI education is accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial background.”

Affordable Excellence:


“Our model allows us to offer world-class AI education at a fraction of the cost. By sharing the expenses among a network of 3100 participants, each individual gains access to top-tier training and resources without the burden of high fees.”

Community Empowerment:

“AI-Creative Lab is more than just an educational program; We benefit a lot from the United National World Summit Awards global innovation network; it’s a community of individuals committed to uplifting each other. By pooling our resources, we not only make AI education affordable but also create a support system that fosters growth, collaboration, and mentorship.”

Diverse Perspectives:

“Our network of about 3100 participants represents a rich tapestry of backgrounds, perspectives, and talents. By making AI education accessible to a wide range of individuals, we encourage diverse thinking and innovation, ultimately enriching the AI ecosystem.”

Future-Proofing Careers:

“In an era of rapid technological advancement, AI skills are becoming increasingly vital for career success. AI-Creativity Lab empowers both the economically disadvantaged and those seeking advanced education to future-proof their careers and thrive in the digital age.”

Economic Growth:

“We believe that by democratizing AI education, we’re not just transforming individual lives but also contributing to the economic growth and development of our communities and nation. Empowered individuals drive innovation and progress.”

Lifelong Learning:

“AI is ever-evolving, and at AI-Creativity Lab, we recognize the need for continuous learning. Our model encourages lifelong learning and adaptability, ensuring that our participants stay at the forefront of AI developments throughout their careers.”

Empowering the Next Generation:

“Our vision extends beyond the present generation. We are sowing the seeds of AI expertise in the next generation, empowering them to create solutions that will shape our future.”

A New Paradigm:

“AI-Creative Lab represents a paradigm shift in education. It’s a model that brings affordability, accessibility, and excellence together, setting a new standard for how advanced education can be delivered.”

  • Key Terms:
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. It involves the development of algorithms and systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as problem-solving, decision-making, speech recognition, and language translation.
  • Machine Learning (ML): Machine Learning is a subset of AI that focuses on the development of algorithms and models that enable computers to learn from data. Instead of being explicitly programmed, these algorithms can improve their performance over time by recognizing patterns in the data and adjusting their processes accordingly.
  • Enrolling young participants into a virtual incubation program with the goal of making them productive and aligning their skills with market demands which is a commendable initiative, it can be a tough process to deal!. To ensure the success of this program therefore, we have outlined a clear and comprehensive requirements for participants as follows:
  • Eligibility Criteria:
  • Age Limit: Participants MUST be between 18 – 40 years old.
  • Education: Must have been admitted into a tertiary institution for any course of study as this course is a multi-disciplinary intervention. Or in a graduated status!
  • Technology Access: Availability of a computer or device with a stable internet connection must be ensured during the programme scheduled sessions (internet-based classes).
  • Conflict: Creative-AI must not be taken in any manner to conflict with your school academic programme.
  • Application Process – Please read carefully before submitting your registration. Only successful applicants who can then proceed to make payments upon clearance will be invited to the Creative-AI Career Transformation Project launch in October 1st, 2023:
  • Application Form: Complete the online application form, providing personal and contact details.
  • Statement of Purpose: This is very important – Submit a statement explaining your motivation for joining the program and your career goals – this will help us fashion an appropriate path for your optimal suitability!
  • Assessment and Selection:
  • Interview: Participate in a virtual interview to assess commitment, communication skills, and alignment with program goals.
  • Skills Assessment: Complete a skills assessment or test relevant to the program’s focus area.
  • Commitment and Expectations:
  • Time Commitment: Commit to 2 Hours/Week of virtual incubation activities.
  • Active Participation: Actively engage in program activities, including workshops, assignments, and mentorship sessions.
  • Learning Mindset: Demonstrate a willingness to learn, adapt, and grow professionally.
  • Learning Mindset: Demonstrate a willingness to advance to the Business/Enterprise stage, leveraging your professional contents ,to create sets of innovative services/products saleable to the society upon completion of programme.
  • NB: Please do not make any PAYMENTS yet as we are still going to screen every application for  suitability in the Artificial Intelligence career Incubation foundation Programme for non-ICT and ICT professionals of tertiary institution.
  • References: During our screening exercise, prospective participants will provide professional or academic references who can also vouch for commitment and potential.
  • Program Policies:
  • Code of Conduct: Agree to adhere to the program’s code of conduct and ethics.
  • Intellectual Property: Understand and respect intellectual property rights related to program materials and projects.
  • Benefits and Outcomes:
  • Expectations: Understand the program’s expected outcomes and benefits, such as improved employ-ability or entrepreneurial skills.
  • Career Support: Be open to receiving career support and guidance from mentors and program organizers.
  • Feedback and Evaluation:
  • Feedback: Provide regular feedback to program organizers to help improve the program’s quality.
  • Evaluation: Participate in program evaluations and assessments to measure progress.
  • Continuation and Graduation:
  • Progress: Maintain satisfactory progress and meet program milestones.
  • Graduation: Successfully complete the program to receive a certificate of completion.
  • These requirements aim to ensure that participants are motivated, committed, and equipped to benefit from the virtual incubation program. Additionally, they set expectations and provide a framework for evaluating participants’ progress and success throughout the program.

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