Our MicroSTARTup Hubs

– Building the NEXT architects of the digital economy, and harvesting youth’s innovation potential for prosperity through the transformative empowerment process of founding regional MicroSTARTups Impact after up-skilling is another bold signature initiative of Programos Foundation! #SmartCities #LegalTech #GreenTech #HealthTech #SocialEnterprises #GovTech #FoodTech #FinTech #EduTech #AgriTech #BlockChain #InsurTech #Industry4.0 #PropTech #Mobility #BioTech #BigData

Innovationbed Regional MicroSTARTups in (Nigeria)

We are inspired by people who build their companies from nothing rather than climb favoritism trees and ladders.

Driven by passion to succeed.

We offer the right guidance, best practice and global collaboration matrix network.

Innovationbed MicroStartups of your state will be a one-stop shop for innovative services and products.

MicroSTARTup of each state will be a tech-based micro-business venture model employing both solopreneurs founding their own enterprise and employing available job seekers – and this is essential for today’s society. Innovationbed MicroSTARTup is a charitable research cause to Programos Foundation giving that its success story will impact Nigeria and indeed African regions positively.

The Innovationbed MicroSTARTup Hubs

Abia MicroSTARTup

Adamawa MicroSTARTup

Akwa Ibom MicroSTARTup

Anambra MicroSTARTup

Bauchi MicroSTARTup

Bayelsa MicroSTARTup

Benue MicroSTARTup

Borno MicroSTARTup

Cross River MicroSTARTup

Delta MicroSTARTup

Ebonyi MicroSTARTup

Edo MicroSTARTup

Ekiti MicroSTARTup

Enugu MicroSTARTup

Gombe MicroSTARTup

Imo MicroSTARTup

Jigawa MicroSTARTup

Kaduna MicroSTARTup

Kano MicroSTARTup

Katsina MicroSTARTup

Kebbi MicroSTARTup

Kogi MicroSTARTup

Kwara MicroSTARTup

Lagos MicroSTARTup

Nasarawa MicroSTARTup

Niger MicroSTARTup

Ogun MicroSTARTup

Ondo MicroSTARTup

Osun MicroSTARTup

Oyo MicroSTARTup

Plateau MicroSTARTup

Rivers MicroSTARTup

Sokoto MicroSTARTup

Taraba MicroSTARTup

Yobe MicroSTARTup

Zamfara MicroSTARTup

State MicroSTARTup Workshops:

Innovationbed Africa – Digitized services meeting (Segment 1)
African youths as a blessing to Africa:

Building a new life, a new world for our youths, through:

  1. expanded innovation development capacity up-skilling programmes for young males and females #SVC4Nigeria, #SVC4Ghana, #SVC4Comoros, SVC4Kenya, #SVC4Africa
  2. inclusive digitizing service partnerships called Innovationbed MicroSTARTups formations and
  3. grooming an ecosystem for future sustainable smart cities and connected communities, with prosperous livelihood above poverty.
Maiden MicroSTARTup Meeting of 15-05-2021 Session (1) Video
MicroSTARTup Meeting of 15-05-2021 Session (2a) Video
MicroSTARTup Meeting of 15-05-2021 Session (2b) Video

   About our MicroSTARTups :

The Innovationbed MicroSTARTups is a set of new-age digital entrepreneurship fellowship innovated by Programos Software Group and its programme beneficiaries based on regional-needs of our #Fix-A-Gap Research Interventions.

It serves to identity, mentor, and incubate young people, exposing them to numerous inventions from around the world, so they grow into growth ventures with capacities to digitally transform communities. This brings prosperity to youths and society at large.

– Programos foundation –

To build and maintain smart cities in a potential developing digital economy, you need digital enterprises which have to be founded by young enterprising citizens to offer intelligent product and services to the ecosystems.

– Amos Emmanuel, Innovationbed Africa

If no ONE is doing the needful like what Mark Zukerberg has done for the world’s social well-being, WHO then will?

#Innovate #Employ #Newworld

The UN SPACE4NIGERIA as an e-planner tool will help organizations using it to quickly and easily analyze the proposed project in a matter of hours, automatically carrying out SWOT analysis and offering ideas on fund generation and project implementation.  All these will happen automatically once the project’s name and other required information are imputed into the website hosting the software. All that is therefore needed of the subscriber is the knowledge on how to input the required data and decode the information that shall be transmitted thereof. All the technical processes that this involves shall be taken care of by Programos Foundation.


Kindly see the table below for a detailed list of benefits we intend to deliver to every Nigerian ministry/Parastatals:

The new social service value norm will respect that users in both public or private sectors must get value for money and no more ‘man-know-man’, ‘federal character’ syndrome to excel.

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