Innovationbed eStartup SkillsHub:
(State-wide Tech-Talent Growth Opportunities for youths)
Is a digital ecosystem of local and global innovation experts advancing social development activities that impacts positively on young people by tech-scouting* through a comprehensive UN-based validation and support programs, helping them with visibility and collaborations that accelerate their growth in a changing world..

With Innovationbed C4I Awards, undergraduates of universities and polytechnics across Nigeria can be up-skilled on how to imbibe personal disciplines, cultures that grow their inspirations to developing digital content innovations with clear positive impact on the society in which they live such as apps, webpages, applications for wearables, kiosk installations, sms-based products, mobile games, and interactive productions of limitless channels.

Founded by Mr Amos Emmanuel, and United Nations WORLD SUMMIT AWARDS eminent national Expert for Nigeria

Africa has a lot of things MISSING —sustainable environment, peace, prosperity, equality.

We are blessed with very rich cultures, intellectual and natural resources – but we lack innovative, global, values-based leadership.

Innovationbed digital ecosystem finds youths leadership Up-Skilling paramount as we seek your promotional supports to expand our regional training programmes across communities.

Amos EMMANUEL, founder innovationbed

Ecosystem Framework

Innovationbed Ecosystem

Committee members are being constituted from across countries in Africa and beyond particularly based on strengths of knowledge network collaboration.
Acknowledged Innovationbed Champions


Ecosystem building workshop by NCC – the way to go:

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