Digital Policy Workshop

Programos Foundation
(Innovationbed WSA-Nigeria)


Time (WAT)ActivitySpeaker
2.00 – 2.05pmIntroduction to: Innovationbed interventions, Programos Foundation, GDF, WSA and the WEBINAR plus videos of ICT4SIDS, WSA and GDF website.Convener: Amos Emmanuel – UN World Summit Awards National Expert for Nigeria
Emmanuel Amos
Director Africa,Global Digital Foundation Founder, Programos Foundation and Architect (Innovationbed.Africa)Architect/CEO Programos Software Limited
Member UN ICT4SIDS Strategic e-Planning Working Group
2.06 – 2.20pmKeynote Speaker: Introduction of GDF and topic relevance to AfricaAi-Europe
Your thoughts on Ai-Africa

Paul Macdonnel
Executive Director,
Global Digital Foundation (Belgium)
2.21 – 2.35pmTrack: 1
Introduce and Speak

“Policy Issues in Innovation and Inclusive Development in Africa”
Ai-Europe Your thoughts on Ai-Africa

Ahmed M. El-Sobky
Egyptian ICT Expert
Vice CEO, Information Technology Industry Development Agency, ITIDA (Egypt)
2.36 – 2.50pmTrack: 2
Introduce and Speak
You can invoke your thoughts from  a regulatory standpoint and share back a topic sir – as it is difficult to restrict a Prof of Computer Science and also in charge of policy here sir.

Ai-Europe Your thoughts on Ai-Africa

Prof. Charles Uwadia
President/Chairman-in-Council, Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN)Past President Nigeria Computer Society(Nigeria)
3.00 – 3.15pmTrack: 3
Introduce and Speak:
“Policy and Evolution of African Startups Opportunity Gateway” e.g Innovationbed Startup Gateway
Ai-Europe Your thoughts on Ai-Africa

Daniela Alina Plewe (PhD)
CEO, Opporizon Globaland Partner: Innovationbed.Africa
3.16 – 3.30pm

3.31 – 3.45pm

3.46 – 4.00pm
Track: 4
Introduce and Speak
Every year as we tech-scout for best content innovations in Africa we are told of challenges faced by web and mobile apps producers when need to access critical information arise from relevant public institutions for their innovation production:
What is the state Freedom of Information in Africa?  What Digital Policy Standpoints are available? And speak to its Effectiveness?
As partner to Innovationbed – will the common voice help promote more quality and active participation of entrepreneurs in the global World Summit Awards Competition Ai-Europe
Your thoughts on Ai-Africa

Track: 5
Introduce and Speak
A lot many of us innovators and just anybody bank on the internet as home, school, office, market, playground and many more! What other convenient place of abode does man have again?
Will COVID-19 break the Internet?
Ai-Europe Your thoughts on Ai-Africa

Track: 6
Introduce and Speak
Corruption-Control and Advancing Computer-Aided Strategic Planning Research for Digital and Smart Developing Economies under the ICT4SIDS initiative
What proposition for Africa? Can we tow the way of SAMOA Pathway?
Dr Amjad Umar sir – this event was previously planned by Programos Foundation and accepted it can be hosted at the Harrisburg University or at the UN Headquarters in New York in May this same week of the webinar but owing to the pandemic the Internet is hosting us same time, have we lost anything? What’s your comment on this?

Philip Thigo
Director for Africa,
Thunderbird School of Global Management (Kenya)

Zouheir Lakhdissi

Amjad Umar (PhD)
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
Lead Consultant (UN ICT4SIDS)

About Global Digital Foundation

Global Digital Foundation is a think tank and policy network providing interdisciplinary framework for a 3-way dialogue between policy makers, stakeholders and scholars in support of an evidence-based approach to policy which is affecting the development and use of emerging digital technology. The presence in Africa is to advance relevant Digital policy awareness and grassroots education in Africa.

About Innovationbed.Africa

Innovationbed Digital Ecosystem framework is powered by Programos Foundation. It is the resulting outcome of many years of independent tech-trend scouting, innovation capacity mentorship and promotion, strategic e-planning and digital policy think tank research by Programos Foundation. Innovationbed ecosystem interacts with universities, government, corporations, startup accelerators, venture capitalists, private investors, foundations, entrepreneurs, mentors, and the media across the globe. This is in line with the fact that COVID-19 has made it very clear that the world needs collective efforts in order to achieve global development and to achieve the UN SDGs. Innovationbed social media outlets and activities create an active flow of information and resources for ideas to transform into reality.

Innovationbed has in 10 years conducted a national pre-selection jury which rates innovative products and recommend them to the global database of the UN World Summit Awards:

The ecosystem is designed under some innovative pilots that was launched by the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT Development, UNGAID to offer Africa a community-based collaborative digital innovation hub for social and economic transformations in rural, urban, regional, smart and connected more livable communities. Programos Foundation and its resources have volunteered alliances in the last decade with UN partnerships like ICT4SIDS (, World Summit Awards (, and Global Digital Foundation policy think tank ( to research project processes that causes desired changes in Africa.

A network of WSA National Experts …

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