… fixing an economy from a private volunteerism and viewpoint of social innovation, impacting the national digital ecosystems, can be an uphill task, but inspiring when you find many other persons, privileged or not, unequivocally supporting you on merit and contributing their own quota, in the true sense of innovation, to the common goal of nation building!!!

We have completed Smart Cities Innovation capacities development up-skilling – a certification for #SV4Nigeria Cohort 1 youths drawn from 10 states of Nigeria in an international workshop that lasted 10 weeks and anchored by the Director of ICT Graduate Programs, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, US, and the Lead Consultant, UN ICT4SIDS, Professor Amjad Umar. Programme was 100% scholarship-powered by both Lead faculty and Programos Foundation of any tuition fees from the young beneficiaries. The graduate participants from Akwa Ibom, Benue, Edo, Gombe, Ogun, Kano, Bauchi, Taraba, Katsina and FCT here, who need everyones supports in their future Innovationbed MicroSTARTups endeavours, showing to the world their project interests towards impacting positively their communities development agenda under present and available leaderships:

We conducted for the first time UN-based World Summit Awards (Nigeria) National Pre-Selection 2020, with Nigeria Winning in Business & Commerce category.

see video of sessions

Programos Foundation conducted for the first time an International Conference on DIGITAL POLICY: The Post Pandemic fabric for Innovation Development in Africa.

It was graced by experts from Egypt (ITIDA), Morroco (DIAL), Kenya, Nigeria (CPN), Singapore (ODO Group), United States (UNICT4SIDS), and Europe (Global Digital Foundation). Chaired by Hon. Minister, Interior, Engr Rauf, Aregbesola.

see video of sessions

Programos Foundation conducted the first Innovationbed Digital Enterpreneurship Festival 2020

Theme: The Power and Place of the Innovator.

It was graced by speakers from Egypt, Morroco (DIAL), Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore (ODO Group), US, Senegal, Ghana, Botswana, Gambia, Comoros, South Africa. Chaired by His Excellency, Ralph Simon, WSA Board member, Expert for UK, and the FATHER OF THE SMART PHONE RINGING TONE.

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Programos Foundation conducted the first UN-ICT4SIDS Public Service Innovation Conference 2020

Theme: Computer-Aided Strategic Planning for State Governments Officials driving at Smart Connected-Communities in the journey to a Digital Economy.

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see video of sessions

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