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  • Winners emerge in World​ ​Summit​ ​Award​ ​Nigeria​ ​2017

    Winners emerge in World​ ​Summit​ ​Award​ ​Nigeria​ ​2017  Programos​ ​Foundation​, Nigeria’s coordinating civil society organization of the United Nations based World Summit Awards ( which selects and promotes local digital innovation with high impact on improving society has released results of winners for this year’s edition. According to a statement released during the weekend by…

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  • Programos Ceo joins NCS Information Technology Value Chain Webinar as Special Guest

    The Nigeria Computer Society is pleased to invite you to its Industry Month Webinarscheduled for March 30 – 31, 2021. The Webinar themed: INFORMATIONTECHNOLOGY VALUE CHAIN IN NIGERIA” will bring together policy makers,industry players, companies, operators and other stakeholders in the IT Eco-system inNigeria. We will be pleased if you would use the opportunity of…

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  • UN World Summit Award Congress 2021 honours 2 Nigerian Innovations

    Amos Emmanuel  WSA National Expert, NIGERIA. The United Nations World Summit Awards eminent national expert for Nigeria, Emmanuel Amos, and Chief Software Architect/Ceo, Programos Software Group, powering Innovationbed Africa, released details on the current WSA 2020 winners from Nigeria being honoured this year at the WSA winners’ congress 2021 beginning March 22nd to 24th virtually…

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  • The Power Of One

    The Power Of One

    For no monarchy is so absolute, but it is circumscribed with laws; but when the executive power is in the law-makers, there is no further check upon them; and the people must suffer without a remedy, because they are oppressed by their representatives. If I must serve, the number of my masters, who were born…

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  • The Marks Of Kingly Sovereignty

    The Marks Of Kingly Sovereignty

    It is indeed their interest, who endeavour the subversion of governments, to discourage poets and historians; for the best which can happen to them, is to be forgotten. But such who, under kings, are the fathers of their country, and by a just and prudent ordering of affairs preserve it, have the same reason to…

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