Nigeria wins at UN WSA 2021 after missing AFCON!

WSA Winners 2021 results have been released. 7th February, 2022 - as announced in Lagos, Nigeria by the President, Programos Foundation. Nigeria's #FollowTheMoney and #LendanArm win at WSA 2021. Amos Emmanuel, mNCS, FIIM WSA National Expert for Nigeria, President, Programos Foundation Architect, #Innovationbed.Africa RnD4Incubation-2030 The contest journey in 2021: The call for innovation project submission... Continue Reading →

Zamfara, Nasarawa States join Innovationbed Digital Citizens Incubation2030 Hubs

Indigenous #InnovationbedStack Loading … 2022 His Excellency, Bello Muhammad Matawalle MON, and Muhammad Yahaya Tambura the Director-General, Zamfara State Information Technology Development Agency, ZITDA. #2022-Call1: Here's wishing you a healthy, wealthy, safe, cheerful, successful, and prosperous 2022.  Evidently it appears the year will be a FAST moving one, and taking clear non-ambiguous ACTions of past... Continue Reading →

Nigeria’s “FollowTheMoney” & “OgaDonate” Innovations makes WSA 2021 Shortlist ✨ WSA Shortlist 2021 ✨ | Over 65 countries. 290 + nominations. 119 shortlisted social digital solutions.The WSA Shortlist showcases the great innovations that continues to emerge and drive a positive impact in society. High quality digital creative solutions prove to be vitally important to tackle the global challenges caused by inequalities, injustices and... Continue Reading →


Innovationbed had the privilege of attending the AfriGold Awards organized by #afrigoldtv at #lagosoriental. Unlike many recognition awards that attempt to make so much conference-like speeches to celebrate and promote growth in the entertainment and creative industry - our NOLLYWOOD, this event was spectacular in that it brought with it the EVER missing technology discussion... Continue Reading →

Upcoming: Innovators’ Digital Citizens Round-Table/Virtual Tours

INNOVATIONBED: WORLD SUMMIT AWARDS (NIGERIA) WINNERS 2010-2020 HOLDS A ROUND-TABLE AND VIRTUAL TOURS OF THE NIGERIAN SOCIETY. JOIN IN FROM EVENTS PAGE: Nigerians are at the core of innovation whose ideas and inspirations will guide the future success of our economy. Countries around the world are making large investments to unlock the benefits of... Continue Reading →

Programos (Innovationbed Africa): 1-Million Citizens for Digital Services Incubation 2030 Mandate Adopting SPACE4ICT in Developing Countries launched at the OCCAM: XXI Infopoverty World Conference

Global. Digital. Purpose-Driven.#iwc2021It was the D-Day yesterday, December 3rd 2021 Innovationbed Africa through the UN World Summit Awards National Expert for Nigeria, Amos Emmanuel and Founder Programos Foundation, engaged and participated actively at the XXI OCCAM: Infopoverty World Conference sharing his 10-year report of both WSA and ICT4SIDS engagements, and digitizing thoughts meant to provoke... Continue Reading →


Programos Foundation, Nigeria - founders of Innovationbed Africa partners Women Who Code of India, under its #Innovationbed4women to organize an international technical and mentoring Train-The-Trainer workshop designed for women - 5 women have been nominated from Nigeria. The initial beneficiaries will in turn join the incubation2030 faculty to expand programme in Nigeria and other African... Continue Reading →

The World vs. the BIG7 By Uncle Tim 05/10/21 When Facebook sneezed yesterday, 4th /10/21 the world caught cold. For the short period that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram were out of service, the whole world terribly felt their absence. The Philosopher, Aristotle, didn't foresee yesterday's development when he said the whole is greater than the... Continue Reading →

Annual Independence Day Webinar On Smart Cities Innovation for Senior Workforce of State Govt MDAs and Creative Youths

2. <Senior Students Innovating on Project Click to Register here> We are indeed appreciative of all executive leadership that have reached out to Innovationbed Africa (Programos Foundation) and do show they are not unmindful of need to pay attention to Strategic Planning and Digital Transformation in the course of their administrative services to citizens and... Continue Reading →

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