Innovationbed @XXII Infopoverty World Conference 2022

Drawing from the success of the 22nd Infopoverty World Conference, here is a little recap if you missed it!

With the title “The Digital Citizen: from digital communities to real society, how the process could be implemented on terms of participation and global wellness and freedom”, the first session of the XXII Infopoverty World Conference gathered together eminent speakers’ perspectives to shed light on the transformative process underway with ICTs and digital technologies being the main protagonists of change. In this context, heterogeneous projects were brought to the table as exemplary instances to guide the current changing paradigm in line with the SDGs, the operative compass promoted by the United Nations, as the Agenda 2030. From rapid urbanization to sustainability, from private to public broadcasting efforts, from national and international policy and advocacy to children’s rights, from climate change to food-security, what all the statements by the eminent personalities who intervened during this first session had in common was the urge and the importance to guide the undergoing digital transformation that is encompassing all sectors of our Society towards an inclusive, fairer and sustainable digital habitat leaving no one behind and guaranteeing the respect of human rights for all. 


The Third Session of the XXII Infopoverty World Conference will focus on SDGs achievement as pillar for a fairer Digital society.
The discussion will be moderated by Maria Grazia Cavenaghi, Former Director of the EU Parliament Office in Milan and Occam Liaison Officer at the UNHQ and will include statements by Collette V. Smith, Founder & President of Believe N You Inc.; Noureddine B. Ticha, Founder of Al-Jareeda Newspaper and Advisor to the Former President of the Republic of Tunisia; Hassanatou Camara, Founder of DIMEDI FOUNDATION & singer/songwriter/musician; Todd Courtney, CEO and Founder of Picticular; Bill Thompson, Head of Future Value Research, Advisory Team at BBC Research & Development; Giacomo Mazzone, Secretary-General of Eurovisioni and Member of IGF; Emmanuel Amos (Innovationbed.Africa), Chief Software Architect of Programos; Imtiaz Dharker, Winner of Queen’s Gold Medal for poetry and Chancellor of New Castle University; Rehan Chaudhri, CEO Peak XV Advisors, US; Makoto Okubo, General Manager International Affairs at Nippon Life Insurance Company.

The session will conclude with interventions by Andrea Falco, Founder of Alfadesignstudio, Italy; Rita Pizzi, Quantum Blockchain Technologies PLC, UK; Jack Gallastegui, Network Analysis Manager at European Climate Foundation; Melita Zajc, Associate Professor at Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis (AMEU-ISH); Jasmina Bojic, Founder and President of UNAFF Travelling Film Festival, Stanford University; Rizwan Ahamd, Director of Instructional Media Centre, MANUU.



I had the opportunity to present on Nigeria’s readiness to adopt the UN SPACE Initiative Strategic Planning Architectures and Control Education

Sub-Theme: Capability Assessment for Developing Countries/SIDS venturing to adopt ICT4SIDS: Computer-Aided Strategic Planning Architectures and Control Education, SPACE Initiative as a National Strategy for Rapid Resilient Digital Transformation. (Nigeria in focus)

Leadership objectives in the new decade for digitalization to be successful we assessed NIGERIA for the following:

• The will of government in transformation

•ICT infrastructure and Tools availability e.g SPACE4Nigeria by UN ICT4SIDS and its adoption

•Thorough Plans and Strategy

•Available local ICT Skills and Capacities – complementary skills programme to ensue citizens are digitally literate and can use digital platforms efficiently to access government services

•Solid regulatory framework to ensure valid electronic processes

•Citizens Awareness and their Engagement

•Considering PPP in critical  economic transformation developments


•Develop an Integrated information System

•Others are:

•Clarity, Focus, Good Knowledge, Integrity, Courage, Firmness, Resilience , Compassion

•This will Deliver SIDS’ ambitions on Digital Economy Journeys …

At previous Infopoverty World Conference Programos Foundation had be recognized as Stakeholder for the Integrated Community:

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