Innovationbed had the privilege of attending the AfriGold Awards organized by #afrigoldtv at #lagosoriental.

Unlike many recognition awards that attempt to make so much conference-like speeches to celebrate and promote growth in the entertainment and creative industry – our NOLLYWOOD, this event was spectacular in that it brought with it the EVER missing technology discussion in the first 5 minutes of moderation by a technology and industry stakeholder @Chijioke Eze (National Coordinator at Wireless Application Service Provider’ Association of Nigeria (WASPAN) – one of Nigeria’s finest youth innovator and a huge fan of #innovationbedafrica!

The Chairman of the occasion Mr Lare Ayoola Ceo at IoT Africa, was also quick to spot this opportunity that opened ways to new collaborations, synergies and buried doubts that technology still remain the missing link to why things may be slower in the entertainment and creative industry in recent years when new trends are being recorded from foreign climes.Notable mentions were also made of digital content piracy protection and for some of us victims, it will take innovation to control content piracy as against the dream that certain authorities can do jack !!! Meaning Innovators must not lose sleep to protect their works in the best of ways professionally allowable!

In actual sense, this event that un-bundled the challenges of the Nigerian social economic development space vis-avis the emerging transformation trends of leadership and success stories of brick-and-mortar businesses who now rule the world like the amazons, netflicks, and many more, is worth recording in our in our #intervention #2 model called the Innovationbed Africa Fix-A-Gap Research Template, as one event to be watched by many to see how the technology ecosystem can immediately begin to think for the repositioning if our NOLLYWOOD in the Nigerian economy.

The stories around how DATA is the new OIL can be fashioned from this event in that entertainment and creative industry remains the leading data/content producer on the internet world over. Contents such as Data is respected by the value you can adduce to a content at any point in time. In the United Nations World Summit Awards process parlance we call say “best e-content” simply because of the content valuation of DATA to fabric of any society.

It was indeed a great time out for many virtual tech evangelists like us who without any regrets have practically operated the whole year 2021 over the internet hoping more accommodating social lessons and break-throughs will follow next year. Occasion also coincided with the organizer’s birthday – Wishing Dr. Oby Olebara Uzoukwu a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and #divinedigitalblessings abundantly.In the above also #Innovationbed Africa shares that technology and politics “mumu” buttons, making leadership toil in vain looking from outside (“the abroad”) for what we already have been building locally and rated globally, must be guided real-time to tame future developmental excesses cum leadership #misdemeanors as we go. #WeMoveCongratulations to the #Entertainment Industry.Lead by innovation! Join let’s democratize innovation among the young and old.

The Afrigold Awards 2020 goes to prove that many virtual content relationships will soon move into the metaverse as proposed by Bill Gates to happen in less than 3 years from now.

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