The World vs. the BIG7

By Uncle Tim


When Facebook sneezed yesterday, 4th /10/21 the world caught cold.

For the short period that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram were out of service, the whole world terribly felt their absence.

The Philosopher, Aristotle, didn’t foresee yesterday’s development when he said the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

In today’s world unarguably, the reality is that the rise of the NON-STATE ACTORS has altered the balance of power . Power is split now between the non-State-Actors that monopolize the soft power while the State- Actors dominate the hardcore

Power is no more one, indivisible entity in the hands of one Super Power State- actor. No.

Ask President Donald Trump how infinitesimal he felt when the BIG7 turned their backs against him. he was helpless as he couldn’t nuke or proscribe them.

Yet they tormented and gave the “most powerful” man on earth a taste of what life is in hell towards the end of his stay in the White House.

For the past two decades, the world has witnessed the steady rise in the power of the non-state actors : Facebook, Google, Microsoft, CNN, Amazon, Apple and Oracle.

Imagine the share of the body the BIG7 controls if the world were to be a human being.

Google represents the BRAIN it is the brain box of human being. The world without Google is like living in the pre historic Cave era !

Microsoft represents the EYES (How do you see without the Microsoft’s Windows- i.e. Word, Excel Power Point?)

Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram represent our HANDS with which we connect as social animals that we truly are.

CNN is the EARS without which we are deaf and dumb.

While AMAZON represents the BLOOD that flows in our veins.40% of the America’s e-commerce is controlled by Amazon.

A body without an APPLE 🍎 per day is one with a weak HEART ♥️. Apple products are as relevant to our daily existence as heart is to life. What about all those thousands of apps in Apple Store, geolocation software and iOS ?

Finally ORACLE represents the KIDNEY

10/10 Financial and Telecom companies run on Oracle

Just imagine what will happen to the world if the 7 most powerful men behind the BIG7 clandestinely reach an agreement to shut down their organizations for just 3 hours for whatever reasons at the same time.

Without Oracle the world’s database will immediately stop to function: no money from ATM, no communication, no health care database..

And you won’t be able to google anything because the world’s brain box is on casual vacation and at the same time the world’s window is shut by Microsoft. Etc etc etc.

In addition, the BIG7 controls the world’s media, the world’s SPACE technology and the new crypto currency technology among others.

Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post together with the Blue Origin, a foremost aerospace technology company while Bill Gates owns the Terrapower, an advanced nuclear technology company.
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg plans to dominate the entire global money exchange through his LIBRA crypto.

More importantly, the BIG7 controls the bulk of the world’s wealth.

Jeff Bezo’s net worth this morning stands at $191B, Bill Gates, $125B, Mark Zuckerberg $97B, Larry Ellison of Oracle $93B, Larry Page of Goggle $91B, while the marveric Elon Musk owns $150B according to Forbes.

Forbes’ finding further shows that 86% of the world’s richest people got richer in 2021, which means they are COVID-19- immuned, business wise.


1 Humongous concentration of power in the hands of a few individuals who are hardcore bottom-line driven and who are unaccountable to no one is unhealthy, unsafe and dangerous to our world.

2 Plato saw tomorrow when he submitted that Democracy and her twin sister- Capitalism, contain seeds of self-destruction when not controlled
American capitalism and democracy seem to be approaching the stage of a Frankenstein Monster. A situation where the one percenter owns 90 percent of the resources is, to say the least, a recipe for revolution.

At this stage the one who created the Frankenstein that metamorphosed into a Monster and the rest of the world are vulnerable

3 A technologically Oligopolistic world will be counterproductive in the ultimate analysis.
The world needs to deliberately encourage Technology blockchain or a technology distributed system as a way of checkmating the BIG7 oligopolists tendency for unconscious faster, fatter, fabulous profit at the expense of the world.

China is already building alternatives to not just everything in the West but everything in Nature.

China’s INTEL is in the pipeline. Though China lost her first $20 billion investment on chips manufacturing. But it is China: as stubborn as China, it doesn’t give up.
Interestingly enough, China has built her own SUN, SNOW and Rain- to rival the ones from Nature! Amazing.

4 Finally, while Russia has alternative to Goggle in YANDEX and China in BAIDU, what is Africa’s PLAN B in case of eventuality?

African young leaders should take up this challenge and wake up Africa by innovating viable alternatives to each of the BIG7
products and services.

The earlier the young African leaders realised that the world is a jungle, the faster they will cultivate a new can-do-mentality.

With a worldwide population of 1.5 billions, Africans have the power to control her destiny.
We have slept enough: aren’t we


Tim Akano

One Africa Initiatives (OAI)

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