10th year anniversary as national expert @WSA (Nigeria)

Within a few days that the social media received a banner announcing my 10th anniversary as a proud, passionate volunteer at the United Nations based World Summit Awards for Nigeria, I got so much love as expressed in the linked text, if you can follow for a minute.

For me it has been a remarkable journey of self fulfillment as it has made me do what my heart desires the best – social engagement of young people on social innovation development research pilots #Innovationbed.Africa, as well as granting me enough time to excel in both my primary assignments as a self-challenged entrepreneur with all the attributes associated with founders of African regions, and the family.

How has Nigeria performed in 10 years of stewardship?

Generally Africa needs to improve on the participation and in size of quality product submission at the global competition. Global diameter of innovation has Africa doing so poorly at about 6%, when Europe alone does 45%. – It is my aspiration to complement the promotion of continental collaborations among experts to improve Africa’s share of the global innovation pie in future. Nigeria’s performance will be better visible when the larger Africa has done very well on the WSA platform to increase the pie. Below is our winner products in last decade.

As a way to commemorate the 10th anniversary, my foundation is organizing sets of virtual Campus Innovation Seminars for undergraduates of many universities, colleges of education and polytechnics in each state of the federation including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Within the year 2021, we hope to have impacted like 10,000 students virtually from their various institutions and communities.
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The maiden edition is to start with Kano state institutions by June 29th, 2021:

What is the numbers in terms of participating countries, age of award system, number of innovative solutions submitted, number of events, network member count and global opportunities of WSA?

This is Emmanuel Amos, entrepreneur and author for Africa’s pioneer stock market value-chain e-business solution CloudIntegraTM Bond/Equity Software and CiFixProTM, and Founder, Innovationbed.Africa – currently the composite initiative post pandemic that ties the strategic visions of Programos Foundation, Technology Partnership Initiative for Africa (TechPia) Network and Programos Software Group together ahead of future realities of digital enterprise developments in Africa.

At one of the largest constellations of national experts in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. I remain appreciative of the big family of knowledge network of experts from around the globe.
Impact2gether – a world of innovation democracy.

Apply now: https://wsa-global.org/wsa-young-innovators/


Apply now: https://db.icnm.net/Signup/WSA/2021/Nigeria/

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