Programos Foundation floats Innovationbed Opportunities Gateway for Startups

Published 1 year ago

on March 18, 2020

ByPeter Oluka

InnovationBed Africa

Emmanuel Amos speaking at Mobile and Disruptive Technology Forum – Photo Credit: #MoDiTECH2019

  • Emmanuel Amos explains
Programos Foundation, has launched yet another initiative to great opportunities for startups in Nigeria, and indeed Africa
The Foundation has launched Innovationbed Startups Opportunities Gateway (ISOG) through a collaboration with Opporizon Global.
Programos Foundation is a non-partisan organization that gives voice to the under-privileged when life changing education in today’s knowledge economy becomes short and distant from the common man and woman in Nigeria due to increasing poverty.
The Foundation is Programos Foundation is the host for the United Nations World Summit Awards (WSA) in Nigeria.
The eminent national expert for Nigeria and grand jury member, who doubles as the President of Programos Foundation, Mr. Emmanuel Amos spoke to on the InnovationBed Opportunities Gateway for Startups:

Q: Why is InnovationBed.Africa opening its doors to more startups?

Amos: Innovation today is fast breaking barriers. Programos Foundation in its smart city innovation development research pivoted on the United Nations World Summit Awards and the ICT4SIDS Strategic Planning for Smartcities and Connected Communities Automation initiative has identified with this new role that a lot is still there to be done in Nigeria – so we can evolve true homegrown startups that will sustain the realities peculiar to our innovation ecosystem development.

Prior to this time a year ago we only sourced and presented startups to the World Summit Awards for rating. Nigerian youths have recorded very impressive participation consistently over the years in the global contest which seeks to identify best e-content solutions with high impact on the society from over 180 UN member countries. As the biblical saying goes, a prophet has no honour in his own country.ALSO READ  Nigeria’s low ranking in Global Innovation Index 2020 not a surprise – Omeruo, Amos

InnovationBed Africa

Thanks for some foreign interventions such as the German GIZ Make-IT Africa interventions and some wonderful VCs or Angels as commonly referred.

Our Innovators that are often celebrated hugely by their peers from other parts of the world when they defend their project innovation during Winners’ Congresses, are often not recognised in their local domains. Programos Foundation is seizing the opportunity of the founding of to have the story better retold to woo support from desiring individuals, institutions, public and private, to offer the needed assistance to these startups. is now poised to hack these gaps and recreate startups’ opportunities across Africa who can now look in many directions to seek help for perfecting visions for upright growths that directly impact the local society more than for return on investment, through the platform.

Innovationbed.Africa which is modelled after the European Youths Award will work for every African country; and  building alliances gets easier given that it accelerates ways by which african regions can become more together as anglophone and francophone and increase quality participation in the UN WSA and similar innovation rating bodies in future years.

And the inter regional competitions will promote an excellent outcome for Africa away from the meager 6% the whole continent contributes to the global diameter of innovation while Europe alone carts home 50% plus and about 40% for the rest of the world. WSA stands for the worldwide selection & promotion of digital innovation with a positive impact on society & the encouragement of young entrepreneurship.ALSO READ  APPLY: NCC seeks proposal for engagement of consumer advocacy groups

In answering your question, we are opening doors for startups for the following reasons:

  • To provide exposure to other start-up ecosystems – worldwide.
  • For learning, sharing best practices…etc.
  • Global access for start-ups to provide exposure to international investors and those interested in market-entry and access to Nigeria.
  • Programos Foundation the founders of Innovationbed.Africa – We are a trusted landing-pad for the outside world giving our track record for selfless care and tech trendscouting achievements for innovations from Nigeria to the global communities in the last decade.
  • Access to capital is the one most sought after resource start-ups in Africa are looking for. Though funding has never been our starting point, initiative potential and skills ‘capital’ matter more, our rich network of innovation space experts like Opporizon from Singapore helps to provide these requirements as will be needed.
  • We cater to the increasing interest from other parts of the world – especially South East Asia – in Africa in general and Nigeria, its largest economy in particular.
  • We have decided to share our international network and let Nigerian start-ups and others benefit by signing up to our platform.
  • We are just about to launch a new online platform, which will be linked to a global network of opportunities for all subscriber startups.
InnovationBed Africa

Q: Is InnovationBed.Africa looking at harnessing solutions that will address the COVID-19?

Amos: Yes. In the light of the Global CORVID 19 pandemic we aim to contribute our share to handling the challenges here in Nigeria and our partners across Africa.

With our Pan-African network of innovators we are currently incubating research initiatives to tackle solutions for handing the spread of the virus. Platform will be open to government agencies, associations, academic institutions, innovation hubs etc

We have launched the call for solutions, be it health-tech or healthcare solutions, or health tracking devices, hygiene improvement apps or other themes.The applications among other sector innovation is open here: “InnovationBedAfrica: Call For solutions to Battle the Spread of Covid 19InnovationBed Africa by Emmanuel Amos

InnovationBed Africa by Emmanuel Amos

On our newly launched platform we encourage innovators to submit their ideas which we will review and select the most promising solutions with our Jury network and regional Innovationbed.Africa representatives … and will aim to facilitate their timely implementations.

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