Innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services. The standard ISO 56000:2020 also defines innovation as “a new or changed entity realizing or redistributing value”. Others have different definitions; a common element in the definitions is a focus on newness, improvement, and spread of ideas or technologies. #Innovationbed

InnovationbedAfrica is currently preaching these words around to every settlement in Nigeria, and developing states or small islands. The opposite of innovation activities that Programos is disrupting with the new Incubation 2030 is called #EXNOVATION – a state of #BADMARKET that has caused us all safety, prosperity, dignity and the many goodies of life transformation as a people!

In nurturing future change agents with positive social impact up-skilling and innovation incubation, we welcome applications from university and polytechnic students who are looking for exceptionally early rewarding work experiences in BLOCKCHAIN, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning systems design for FRONT-END, BACK-OFFICE, APIs, Industry software, and exposure into How machine learning uses Natural Language processing (NLP), Computer Vision and Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks, to drive, process user experience and insights as well as test/production engineering solutions.

It is a requirement that the applicant is either a junior or senior and has achieved a pass level in Math, English, some degree coursework.  Potential full-time hiring opportunities will be based on evaluations made upon completion of the apprenticeship period.  This includes performance, work ethic, and specific needs of the company.

1. #Innovationbed Africa is interested to contribute more to global supply chain which from FiNTECH1000+ experts’ opinion currently hovers poorly between 1-3%.

2. #Innovationbed Africa is interested to export digitally African data-enabled services and products beyond current prevalent commodities and human resources.

3. From 1) and 2) above #Innovationbed Africa is focused to reposition continent, with your supports on expanded local knowledge building, away from the bottom of the global value-chain and also improve the poor competitive WSA global diameter of innovation ranking away from 6% when Europe alone does 45% of the common pie.

Incubation 2030: Domestic knowledge is fundamental.

Zamfara, Nasarawa States join Innovationbed Digital Citizens Incubation2030 Hubs

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Nigeria’s “FollowTheMoney” & “OgaDonate” Innovations makes WSA 2021 Shortlist

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Innovationbed had the privilege of attending the AfriGold Awards organized by #afrigoldtv at #lagosoriental. Unlike many recognition awards that attempt to make so much conference-like speeches to celebrate and promote growth in the entertainment and creative industry – our NOLLYWOOD, this event was spectacular in that it brought with it the EVER missing technology discussion… Continue Reading →