In nurturing future change agents with positive social impact up-skilling and innovation incubation, we welcome applications from university and polytechnic students who are looking for exceptionally early rewarding work experiences in BLOCKCHAIN, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning systems design for FRONT-END, BACK-OFFICE, APIs, Industry software, and exposure into How machine learning uses Natural Language processing, NLP, Computer Vision and Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks, to drive, process user experience and insights as well as test/production engineering solutions.

It is a requirement that the applicant is either a junior or senior and has achieved a pass level in Math, English, some degree coursework.  Potential full-time hiring opportunities will be based on evaluations made upon completion of the apprenticeship period.  This includes performance, work ethic, and specific needs of the company.

  • Innovationbed Africa State representatives and Country Volunteers WANTED! .







Sofia Innovation with United Nations
Deputy Secretary General


Programos Foundation, Nigeria – founders of Innovationbed Africa partners Women Who Code of India, under its #Innovationbed4women to organize an international technical and mentoring Train-The-Trainer workshop designed for women – 5 women have been nominated from Nigeria. The initial beneficiaries will in turn join the incubation2030 faculty to expand programme in Nigeria and other African… Continue Reading →

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Annual Independence Day Webinar On Smart Cities Innovation for Senior Workforce of State Govt MDAs and Creative Youths

2. <Senior Students Innovating on Project Click to Register here> We are indeed appreciative of all executive leadership that have reached out to Innovationbed Africa (Programos Foundation) and do show they are not unmindful of need to pay attention to Strategic Planning and Digital Transformation in the course of their administrative services to citizens and… Continue Reading →